The Magnificent Myrtle Beach Flyout! (Departed)

Sure, go for it.

@Wonderousbuilder641 we just can’t thank you enough for this smooth event!! 👍

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@Wonderousbuilder641 could I sponsor my Milwaukee event here

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Come join me in St Louis everyone!

Sure @United403

Here are all mine

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Descending into Atlanta now

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On approach 26L at Atlanta

Thanks to everyone who participated!! Thank you for making my first event the best it could have been! I hope to see you all again soon.


Did you butter @RagonDragon 😳

@RagonDragon I hope that was a nice surprise

No but I still floated a bit the winds were a little wacky

Haha yeah that was funny along with that amazing parking job

My parking was on point!!! I was terrified to accidentally hit your plane tho

There’s severe turbulence in Detroit… Wish me luck for the landing 😬

I floated at Detroit as well but the landing was pretty good!

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20 minutes to Dallas!

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Buttery landing into Dallas, and a looong taxi to the gate.

Nice! You definitely had the longest flight compared to the rest of us.

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2:37 for the duration