The Magnificent Mauritius Flyout

Of course you can

Maybe a small event bump for this island

island bump

its been a little quite over here

Can I have this one actually?
And may I do a Lufthansa a330-300 instead

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event bump

lets fill up some more gates

Correction… actually this

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I can be this.

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Can I take this but to Antananarivo please

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Sorry but I can no longer attend.

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this one please

I will get you signed up

Can I change to this please

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3 gates left!

I’ll take the Jeddah flight, but can I change to Saudia cargo MD-11?*

*If there are cargo gates

i can no longer attend due to conflicting events

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Not sure if I can be there or not but if so I’ll be Gate 11 to Jeddah

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If you’re fine I can attend I would be happy doing a duo flight to Jed but as for cargo i think best bet being using one of the hangars