The magical SAS A330

Hello everyone. This flight was a specialty flig( thanks to @Airbus_Virtual hosting the LFBO fly-out! I decided to share you the best moments of my flight! Hope you enjoy them.

Flight Information

Flight Time: 3:22h
Aircraft: SAS A330-300
Server: Expert Server

Waiting at the Gates for taxi!

Had to see the tail in glory prior departure!

Departure Check! Bye bye France!

Flying over a foggy area over Germany! πŸ‘€

I hope you enjoyed these photos! Let me know which one was your favorite! Thank you! :)



I like the second and forth picture. They look fantastic. πŸ”₯

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Thank you for the nice compliment!!

Sweet photos!! I have noticed that some of them are pixelated and I have some tips and tricks for you to maybe try so they keep quality.

  1. Try to use the in-game screenshot button in the replays. This keeps the quality you see while flying.
  2. If you are flying on a mobile device, try to create the topic for IFC on that mobile device, downloading the screenshots directly from the camera roll. This, in my opinion, has kept the quality of the screenshots due to them not having to be compressed while being transferred to a different device. You can always continue on the IFC post draft on another divice.
  3. If you can’t do #2 for some reason, maybe try to download them onto your google drive and then download them onto your desired device through google drive. This will decrease the quality partially due to compressing, but it keeps it at a good quality compared to emailing or any other method. However, you may try airdropping if that is available on a mac. I am not completely sure due to myself not using a mac.
  4. Instead of cropping and cutting the images (which I am not saying you do), rather get in closer with the in-game camera which in my opinion keeps the quality.

I hope these tips help you! I love the images by themselves and I think the quality is the only thing that hinders them! I am not that experienced with all of this stuff, but these are the things that have personally helped me keep the quality of my screenshots. You do not have to follow all, but if you would like to, please look into some of these tips. If you have any questions, just message me on IFC!

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The second pic tho 😍 , details we would never see if the A333 wasn’t reworked πŸ‘€

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Unfortunately I cannot download the photos from my iPhone to google drive, so I just email it to myself on my IPad which I am using now. And only certain screenshots get pixelated due to the darkness of the color. I wish I could get the photos right off my phone, this will have to do for now I’m afraid.

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I wish we saw the new SAS A330 livery, oh well. Glad you enjoyed the photo!!

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Ah. I understand. That’s too bad. Nice photos though anyway!

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I love SAS especially there new liv

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One of my favorite liveries is the SAS one!
And of course the A333… such a magical bird
Great shots:)

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