The magic of night flying

Hello Infinite Flight community! Tonight, I flew an American Airlines 737-800 from Midway to Reagan on the Expert Server. Enjoy the pics! I tweaked with the brightness of the photos to see them better. Other than that, they remain untouched.

Began loading up passengers along with cargo and fueling up for the trip across the night sky!

We began spooling up the engines while the flight attendants gave their safety briefings in the cabin.

We had to hold short of the runway for a few moments while we completed our last few checks.

And we left the earth behind! This may be a minority, but I’ve always enjoyed night flying because you feel absolutely isolated from the rest of the world while in the air.

Beautiful shot of Lake Michigan while on climb-out!

Crossed over into West Virginia while on initial descent into Reagan National Airport

Flew over Dulles on the approach path!

touch down, and back to reality

As we taxied to the gate, you can hear everyone turning their phones back on and getting reconnected to the global community.

And we are at the gate!

“A long flight across the night. You know why late flights are good? Because we cease to be earth-bound and burdened with practicality. Ask the impertinent question. Talk about the idea that no-one has thought about yet. Put it a different way.”

I hope everyone enjoyed this trip report, and have a good night!

bonus brownie points to whoever correctly identifies that quote first. Without looking it up


Midway is so underrated. Great pics :)

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Thanks! When I fly to Chicago, I only use Midway since it’s 3D and O’Hare isn’t.

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How do you access night flight? I have yet to figure it out.

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hey @Rocketmedic! Welcome to the community!

As for your question, I’m not sure what you mean.

There are two ways to do night flying. One way is to set your time to “current time” and then fly in a place where it is currently night.

The other way is to just manually set your time to “night”.

Hey, thanks for your reply. I actually figured it out right after you sent your message. I was looking in the wrong area. I had forgotten it’s on the launch screen right after you tap “Fly”. I was thinking it was in settings somewhere. Back when I first started flying in 2015, I had set it to the daytime setting and just never adjusted the time after that. I thought nothing of it until the past few days when I was thinking about flying at night and it dawned on me that the time never changed in the game for me. But I’m good to go now. 🙂

okay, awesome! Glad to be helpful!