The Madrid Flyout Event

Yesterday day 28NOV20 My first big Flyout has taken place. More than 20 planes took off from Madrid towards different locations in Europe and America. I flew from Madrid to Santiago de Chile, here you have some edited shots:

[1] - Madrid Terminal 4S

[2] - The CRJs at the terminal 4

[3] - Takeoff from runway 14L

[4] - Cruising over the atlantic

[5] - First views of Brazil

[6] - Passing over the Andes

[7] - Being escorted on the leg base

[8] - Smooth touchdown

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Great photos and fun event


@IF-Mallorca, thank you, good day :)

Nice pics


Some absolutely fantastic pictures! The Iberia livery is really nice and colourful and the scenery both in Madrid and South America is breathtaking. Thanks for sharing!

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Wow some nice shots there looked fun

My goodness, the best scenery I have seen for a long time! The coral blue waters are stunning along with the orange house roofs, the mountains too! The line of Iberia A350’s and CRJ’s are stunning.

I have also forgotten the older livery on the Iberia CRJ. Great pictures! 🇪🇸

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Was my first event… something that I’ll never forget!

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Awesome photos! Thanks for hosting this awesome event!

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Awesome stuff! Gotta love those mountains!

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Thank you all guys, I’m glad for that I hear from you all, don’t doubt participating in my next events!!! Thank you for attending!!!