The Madrid Barajas Flyout! @LEMD - 082000ZFEB20

For god’s sake, the third time I have to do this because the thread hates me and the preview lied to me…

Hi all! I hope you’re doing well.

Over the past few weeks, I have been working on a flyout after the Singapore one, this time, being in Madrid.

About Barajas Airport

Madrid Barajas International Airport is the 6th busiest airport in Europe and the busiest airport in Spain. It is home to its national flag carrier: Iberia. The airport is a key artery for aviation in South America as it has the most links to South America out of any other European airport. Without it, aviation in South America would never be so great.


Where, When, What to know?

Server: Expert

Date and Time: 2020-02-08T20:00:00Z2020-02-09T06:00:00Z

NOTAMS: All Iberia Express aircraft will be substituted for normal Iberia A321-200s, Terminals 2&3 are merged due to weird website data. Be courteous towards other players and respect them as this is the Expert server, use Unicom accordingly and correctly.

Gate Assignments

Terminal 1
Gate Destination Airline Aircraft IFC Username
70 LFTM Istanbul Turkish Airlines 777-300ER
71 LROP Bucharest TAROM A318-100
72 LIMC Milan easyJet A320-200
73 KATL Atlanta Delta Air Lines 767-300
74 KJFK New York Delta Air Lines 767-300
T01 SPJC Lima Air Europa 787-9
T02 SBGR Sao Paulo Air China 787-9
T03 SBGR Sao Paulo Air Europa 787-9
T04 SLVR Santa Cruz Air Europa 787-9
T05 UUEE Moscow Aeroflot 737-900
T06W LLBG Tel Aviv Air Europa 787-9
T07 OMAA Abu Dhabi Etihad Airways 777-300ER @iiExTReME
T08 LOWW Vienna Wizz Air A321-200
T09W EGKK London easyJet A319-100 @TRDubh
T10 LSGG Geneva easyJet A320-200
T11W LRCL Cluj-Napoca Wizz Air A320-200
T12 EDDT Berlin easyJet A320-200
Terminal 2 & 3
Gate Destination Airline Aircraft IFC Username
T13W LFPG Paris Air France A320-200
T14 LIRF Rome Air Europa E190
T15 LEAL Alicante Air Europa E190
T16 ENGM Oslo Norwegian 737-800
T17 GCXO Tenerife North Norwegian 737-800
T18 LPPT Lisbon TAP Air Portugal A320-200 @ran
T19 EHAM Amsterdam KLM 737-900
T20 EPWA Warsaw LOT Polish Airlines 737-800
T21 LFPG Paris Air France A319-100
T22 LIRF Rome Alitalia A321-200
T23 EDDF Frankfurt Lufthansa (New) A320-200
T24 EGKK London Norwegian 737-800
T25 LGAV Athens Aegean A320-200
T26 EBBR Brussels Brussels Airlines A319-100
T27 LSZH Zurich Swiss A321-200 @FrancescoM
T28 LIRF Rome Alitalia A321-200
T29 LEVX Vigo Air Europa E195
T30 LEMG Malaga Air Europa E195
T31 LEPA Palma de Mallorca Air Europa E195
T32 LPPR Porto Air Europa E195
T33 LPPT Lisbon Air Europa E195
T34 LEZL Seville Air Europa E195
T35 LEAS Asturias Air Europa E195
T36 LECO La Coruna Air Europa E195
T37 LEBB Bilbao Air Europa E195
T39 LEPA Palma de Mallorca Air Europa E195
T40 EDDL Dusseldorf Air Europa E195
Terminal 4

Terminal 4

Gate Destination Airline Aircraft IFC Username
300 LSZH Zurich Iberia A321-200
302 LFPO Paris Iberia A321-200
304 LDZA Zagreb Iberia A321-200
306 HECA Cairo Iberia A321-200
308 GCLP Gran Canaria Iberia A321-200 @toni_sitges
310 GOBD Dakar Iberia A321-200
320 LOWW Vienna Iberia A321-200
322 EGLL London British Airways A319-100 @Alexian61
324 LFRN Rennes Iberia A321-200
326 GCRR Lanzarote Iberia A321-200
328 LFPG Paris Vueling A320-200
329 EIDW Dublin Aer Lingus (Old) A320-200
330 EFHK Helsinki Finnair A321-200
332 LEVX Vigo Iberia A321-200
334 LFBD Bordeaux Air Nostrum CRJ-1000
336 LEJR Jerez De La Frontera Air Nostrum CRJ-1000
338 LIRF Rome Vueling A320-200
340 LPPR Porto Iberia A321-200
342 EBBR Brussels Iberia A321-200
344 LEBL Barcelona Vueling A320-200
346 LEBL Barcelona Iberia A321-200
348 ELLX Luxembourg Luxair 737-700
350 ESSA Stockholm Iberia A321-200
352 LIRQ Florence Vueling A320-200
354 LEMH Menorca Vueling A320-200
356 LEBL Barcelona Iberia A321-200
358 UKBB Kiev Ukraine International 737-900
360 LIPZ Venice Iberia A321-200
362 LEAS Asturias Iberia A321-200
364 EDDM Munich Iberia A321-200
366 LSGG Geneva Iberia A320-200
368 LKPR Prague Iberia A321-200
370 EDDH Hamburg Iberia A321-200
372 LIML Milan Iberia A321-200
373 VHHH Hong Kong Cathay Pacific A350-900
376 LEIB Ibiza Vueling A320-200
378 LLBG Tel Aviv El Al 737-800
380 EGLL London British Airways A320-200 @Cloudz
382 EIDW Dublin Aer Lingus (New) A320-200
384 EGLL London Iberia A321-200
386 LFPO Paris Iberia A321-200
388 LEXJ Santander Iberia A321-200 @snoman
390 LEPA Palma de Mallorca Iberia A321-200
392 LEMG Malaga Iberia A321-200
394 LLBG Tel Aviv El Al 737-800
Terminal 4S
Gate Destination Airline Aircraft IFC Username
501 EGLL London Iberia A350-900 @Dreadjack888
505 OTHH Doha Qatar Airways A350-900
510 EGLL London British Airways A320-200 @Cooper
515 EDDF Frankfurt LATAM 787-9
519 SPJC Lima Iberia A350-900
522 EGLL London Iberia A321-200
525 SCEL Santiago Iberia A350-900
529 FGSL Malabo Ceiba Intercontinental 777-200LR
533 SKBO Bogota Avianca 787-8
536 EGLL London British Airways 777-200ER @Sam_Tom
537 OJAI Amman Royal Jordanian 787-8
538 SKCL Cali Avianca 787-8
539 SEGU Guayaquil LATAM A350-900
541 SUMU Montevideo Iberia A350-900
545 MMUN Cancun Evelop! A350-900
549 OMDB Dubai Emirates A380-800 @Captainshayan
553 SKRG Medellin Avianca 787-8
556 LPPR Porto Iberia A321-200
559 KDFW Dallas American Airlines 787-9
562 GMMN Casablanca Royal Air Maroc 737-800
565 VHHH Hong Kong Cathay Pacific A350-900
569 HAAB Addis Ababa Ethiopian Airlines 787-8
573 MMMX Mexico City Iberia A350-900
577 SVMI Caracas Iberia A350-900
580 RJAA Tokyo Iberia A350-900 @EyesSkyward
582 UKLL Lviv Ukraine International 737-900
585 MDPC Punta Cana Evelop! A350-900
Remote Stands
Gate Destination Airline Aircraft IFC Username
00 EGGD Bristol easyJet A320-200
01 LGAV Athens Aegean Airlines A320-200
02 EBBR Brussels Brussels Airlines A319-100
03 LEBL Barcelona Air Europa E195
04 GMMN Casablanca Air Europa E195
05 LFPO Paris Air France A320-200
10 GCLP Gran Canaria Norwegian 737-800
11 LFPO Paris Transavia 737-800
12 LFMT Montpellier Transavia 737-800
13 EGKK London Norwegian 737-800
14 EGPH Edinburgh easyJet A320-200
15 EHAM Amsterdam KLM 737-700
16 EGGP Liverpool easyJet A319-100
17 LFSB Basel easyJet A319-100
30 DTTA Tunis Tunisair A319-100
31 ENGM Oslo Norwegian 737-800
32 LBSF Sofia Wizz Air A321-200
33 LFOB Beauvais Ryanair 737-800
34 EGSS London Ryanair 737-800
35 UKBB Kiev Ryanair 737-800
36 EHEH Eindhoven Ryanair 737-800
37 LICC Catania Ryanair 737-800
40 LKPR Prague Ryanair 737-800
41 ZSPD Shanghai China Eastern Airlines A350-900 @Captain_JR
42 LTFM Istanbul Turkish Airlines A321-200
43 LMML Malta Ryanair 737-800
44 LIRP Pisa Ryanair 737-800
45 GMME Rabat Ryanair 737-800
50 EDDT Berlin easyJet A320-200
52 LIRA Rome Ryanair 737-800
54 LIPE Bologna Ryanair 737-800
58 EKCH Copenhagen Ryanair 737-800
59 KEWR Newark United Airlines (Continental) 767-300
60 LSGG Geneva easyJet A320-200
62 LRCL Cluj-Napoca Wizz Air A320-200
64 LIMC Milan easyJet A319-100
66 GCLP Gran Canaria Ryanair 737-800
68 EGSS London Ryanair 737-800
69 CYYZ Toronto Air Canada A330-300
200 EGGW London easyJet A320-200
201 EDDM Munich Lufthansa (Old) A320-200
202 EBBR Brussels Brussels Airlines A319-100
203 EHAM Amsterdam KLM 737-900
204 UUEE Moscow Aeroflot A320-200
205 EHAM Amsterdam Air Europa E195
206 OLBA Beirut Middle East Airlines A321-200
207 HECA Cairo EgyptAir 737-800
208 GMMX Marrakesh Ryanair 737-800
210 EYVI Vilnius Ryanair 737-800
212 LFPO Paris Transavia 737-800
213 ZBAA Beijing Air China 787-9
215 MMUN Cancun Air Europa 787-9
216 LSZH Zurich Swiss A319-100
218 LEPA Palma De Mallorca Air Europa E195
221 MMMX Mexico City Aeromexico 787-8
223 EGKK London Norwegian 737-800
225 LIML Milan Alitalia A321-200
227 LSZH Zurich Air Europa E195
400 LFBO Toulouse Air Nostrum CRJ-1000
402 LDSP Split Air Nostrum CRJ-1000
404 GMTT Tangier Air Nostrum CRJ-1000
406 EDDS Stuttgart Iberia A321-200
408 LEPP Pamplona Air Nostrum CRJ-1000 @Redrado
410 LPPT Lisbon Iberia A321-200
411 EGLL London Iberia A321-200
412 GCLP Gran Canaria Iberia A321-200
413 LEBL Barcelona Vueling A320-200
414 EGLL London British Airways A319-100
415 EFHK Helsinki Finnair A321-200
416 LGKR Corfu Iberia A321-200
417 LDSP Split Iberia A321-200
418 LFKB Bastia Iberia A321-200
419 GCLA La Palma Iberia A321-200
601 OTHH Doha Qatar Airways A350-900
604 GMMN Casablanca Royal Air Maroc 737-800
609 MROC San José Iberia A350-900
612 DAAG Algiers Air Nostrum CRJ-1000
614 LMML Malta Air Nostrum CRJ-1000
616 LFRS Nantes Air Nostrum CRJ-1000
619 LIEO Olbia Air Nostrum CRJ-1000
622 MDSD Santo Domingo Iberia A350-900
624 LPMA Madeira Air Nostrum CRJ-1000
627 LIRN Naples Iberia A321-200
PE15 ENBR Bergen Iberia A321-200
PE20 LSZH Zurich ACJ A318-100 @BadPlane
PE30 LFOK Chalons-Vatry Air Nostrum CRJ-1000
Cargo Apron
Gate Destination Airline Aircraft IFC Username
145 LTBA Istanbul Turkish Cargo A330-200F
147 EGSS London UPS MD-11F
151 OMAM Dubai Emirates 777-200F
153 KIAH Houston Turkish Cargo A330-200F
155 EIDW Dublin FedEx MD-11F
157 EGLL London DHL 757-200
159 LFPG Paris FedEx 777-200F
161 EDDK Cologne UPS 757-200
163 OTHH Doha Qatar Airways 777-200F

I would definitely appreciate you joining this event or getting it out there and helping my complete sorrow of having to redo this. Make this a good first Madrid flyout!


Looks like you finally got the Thread Up. Great Job. Looks Amazing.

I’ll take the above Requested Gate, Thanks :)


Thank you! I’ll add you in!

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Could I please get this one? I lived in Santander for a summer! Great looking event!

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Yours now!

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Can I have a remote stand A318ACJ to LSZH?

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Right then, I’ll figure something out for you. I might grab a PE stand.

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Ok, just give me a gate number and I’ll find it

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I’ve given you PE20 just north of T4. Excited to see you!

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I’ll take gate 510 please. Thank you!

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I’ll take gate 580 if possible

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Thanks for your patience, the gates will be yours.

Ok guys, everything set? Okay, this will be the 2938rd try, let’s do it this time. aaaaaannnnddd ACTION🎞🎥

Well, I gotta say, this is a well structured and nice looking event. Wish I could join, but yeah. Grade 2

Good luck with your event

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Can I take the FedEx 777 to Paris on Cargo gate 159.

I’m very confused with the time… could you explain more? I would like to join but I have to see what time it is

The time has been converted to your time zone in the post. “012000ZFEB” means the event is on February 1 at 20:00 (8PM) London time. You can find out more about how the title is formatted here:

@Tsumia I think the day and time in the title should end in 20, not 208, for the year 2020.

Just a typo lol. I’ll change it and add everyone that wanted in.

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I’ll acctually not do this as my IFG subscription ends Jan 17

BTW, I’m in Denver

Any plans on renewing it? I’ll remove you for the time being.