The Madness at London-Heathrow.

A few minutes ago, I spawned as an American 777-300ER into London-Heathrow. I filed a flight plan to Philadelphia, as I waited for my turn to pushback. This was on the Training Server (I spend most of my time on Training Server, even if I can still enjoy an experience on Expert Server as a Grade 3).

After I was given my turn to pushback, the ATC cleared me to taxi, so I taxi over to runway 27L. I changed frequencies to tower, and he told me to hold short of Runway 27L.

There was one dude in an Airbus A321 ahead of me, and he was Grade 3; there was a Grade 2 Airbus A380 behind me.

I was forced to hold short for THIRTY MINUTES with terrible ATC conditions.

Suddenly, as if planned, everybody ahead of me and behind me blasted in retaliation onto the runway together, passing like ghosts through me. I was like, “What the heck!?”.

After rushing to take off when the ATC gave me clearance, I just quit. I finally said, “I am NEVER flying out of or into London-Heathrow again on Training Server. This is RIDICULOUS.”

That is why we need more ATC forces like TSATC. We need this crap to stop happening.

Who is with me!?


Simple solution fly on expert :)


That’s what I’m going to start doing ;) .


This is the #1 leading cause to TS Madness. 9 out of 10 pilots recommend Expert server for treatment.



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I just don’t fly on expert because of fear

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if you follow all insctructions there is nothing you should be afraid of :)


I was ghosted once a few weeks ago, but don’t be scared, just behave as best as you can and our trusty IFATC will give you a helping hand.

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Ya but I’m afraid of name calling

Like they go on the community if I do something wrong and they put spotlight on me


No. Only @Swiss does that to Grade 1 noobs who can’t do anything right ;)


That’s not allowed, the only people doing that are those who are ghosted and falling out ATC

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Well buddy it happens

O…k nice rant

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You see, what I witnessed today proves that ATC should be earned, not given. I respect people like TSATC members because they TRY. None of these idiots try.

I feel bad for the ATC.

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I do too. I feel bad for the ones that TRY to keep things under control and probably leave the system crying due to the obsessive amounts of disrespectful people. When I do ATC on TS, I usually stay out of EGLL or KLAX.

I do ATC on TS and it is chaos! And I do the busy airports.

Oh yeah I saw you but I didn’t know how long you were there for cos I rolled onto 27r and took off

Man there should be more tougher rules even when I control ATC on TS I can’t control properly because

  1. No one knows how to taxi and fly properly

  2. I can’t take people spamming me on a Live frequency

Yeah, I was right there for about thirty minutes; same for the dude ahead of me. Where were you when this went down?