The lumshevak Manuver

So I went back to the flight training school at KLBB today to try my luck at the full motion sim. While I had LOTS of fun I did find out something afterwards from the guy at the desk. He was telling my about this manuver called the lumshevak manuver. What it is is where you go vertical, full power until you stop going up, then cut the power, full left aileron and rudder then full foward on the yoke, let your plane fall, then once the plane is upside down, hold the form and full throttle for a slow upside down flat spin, then once your ready cut the power and it will correct itself. He got to do this 3 times. 1. Suprise,2. Demonstrating it, 3. Doing it for fun while he was in a stunt plane(just so you know). Tell me what you think about this in the comments.


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Not sure how I would feel doing a nose dive to start with! Would certainly be something I’d love to watch though.

Yeah. Sounds like fun to me so i would do it.

Sounds like I need some chewing gums so I don’t loose my ears.

Or those people who don’t want to miss their destination and descend-7500

It sounds interesting, so I’ve looked for some videos:

I would like to try this, even though I have no pilot experience, except for Emirates Airbus and Boeing simulators I tried in London.

Aha wow do definitely not my type of flying for sure!

Not my type of flying but I’d do it in a simulator

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