The Lufthansa MD11-F displayed in game crashed a while back in real life

Hey Guys,
I just looked the registration number of the Lufthansa MD-11F up which is D-ALCQ. This plane crashed back in 2010 during landing at King Khalid International Airport in Riyadh as Lufthansa Cargo Flight 8460. What do you think about flying a plane that crashed in real life? At least both pilots survived, but the plane was lost after breaking apart and burning out. (Second picture shows the damage)



@Moritz @mbmhwue148 Day 1, didn’t expect users to find out so quick


I don’t think it belongs there. He is talking about a RWA incident.


I dont see how a real life plane crash fits in there ?

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Yeah that was just meant as an indroduction, i changed it to stop confusion. But it wasnt supposed to be about my flight in the first place

Ah I see, thought you ere talking about a flight you did. Thanks for sharing and have a great day!

Very interesting Easter egg there! I wonder what other easter eggs are out there…


The American Airlines MD-11 in the game was later turned into the FedEx MD-11F in the game.


N312FE (FedEx DC-10) is a part of the CRAF program, but not in service for FedEx currently.

CRAF: When war comes, the planes with be used for military purposes.

Well, FDS needed a creative way to get a excuse for potential crashes


Back then, I predicted that one of the future aircrafts in IF will at least be one of the aircrafts that crashed in real life. Now? It became true!

Nice catch!

Poor thing. Glad to see it living in the IF skies!


of the ingame dc-10s/md-11s there are 3 more that crashed in real life, one with 3 fatalities sadly. I could add them to the post if anyone is interested ?


Not sure if this is more cool or weird. I guess mods should have done their research

What do you mean? The mods have nothing to do with this. If you mean the devs, particularly Jarno and maybe other people involved with liveries, then they did. This is clearly on purpose.

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