The low cost Canadian Westjet will fly to Barcelona

From May 24, 2019 to October 21 of that same year, the Boeing 767-300ER of Westjet low cost airline will be seen by the airport of Barcelona el Prat three times a week flying from Toronto, as announced by the airline.

The Boeing 767-300ER Westjet have 262 seats, 24 of them in premium tourist and the other 238 in tourist, although the first row of tourists and the two behind the doors number 2 of the aircraft are sold as extra rows with more space .

My opinion: I am from Barcelona and for me it is wonderful news to come here, so I can take the best pictures of that plane.

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I’m surprised that a low-cost airline has even decided to fly from NA to a European airport like Barcelona in the first place. Are there any other North American low-cost airlines that also fly direct to Barcelona?

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As far as I know, the low cost airlines that cross the Atlantic to Spain are:

LEVEL uses the A330 and NORWEGIAN uses the 787

Its main routes are:
New York
los Angels
San Francisco

all towards Barcelona (LEBL) :)

American low cost airlines I do not know.
the most common are

American Airlines
delta airlines
United Airlines

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Great to see some use of that 767 before they retire it!😁 (It’s one of my favorite aircraft!)

Wow! That’s impressive! I will have to go to see it for first time, as the asiana 777-200ER

Air Transat, and Rouge already flys CYYZ-LEBL, I wonder if WestJet believes they can dip into that market.

Wow, what an awesome discovery on your part, next time im in Europe, im sure Barcelona will be on my list!

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