The Los Angeles to Portland B-Day Group Flight 19JUN24

I will fly this bird, need a switch it up every so often.b probably be the first time I fly the e175 that I flew the 195 that’s about it for the embers

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Event bump

Keep filling up my B-Day Group Flight!


Happy very early birthday and Id love to do this flight for your birthday

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What plane

Sorry, I cannot come, but maybe I’ll attend one in the future

Keep filling up my b day flight!

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Event bump

Its been quiet over her… Keep filling this event up!

Yea, it has been a little quiet

I’ll take this gate!

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I would attend but it’s too early for me😭
Sending my best birthday wishes @Prestoni God bless you and have a good one🫡

@Steve_Cadle got ya down

@AnotherPilot77 thx 🙏


Thank you sir! And happy early birthday.

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10 more days!