The longest pencil returns

In February, it was announced to the delight of many CLT spotters that Lufthansa would be returning the Airbus A340-600 to the Munich-Charlotte route. Today was the first day of its return, and boy has it been eventful since it arrived. It will be here from 7/4 to 10/29 before the A350 resumes serving the route.

When departure time arrived for the overnight CLT-MUC flight, (6:30pm) CLT did not have a tow bar or a super tug that could push back the A340. They have now decided to delay the flight until tomorrow at 4:00pm, a delay of 21 and a half-hours that was entirely avoidable if 👏 they 👏 had 👏 planned 👏 ahead 👏.

I don’t ever think I’ve seen such gross incompetence before. They had a full 4.5 months from the time the return was announced until today to have everything in place.


Yikes, sounds like nobody on the CLT side heard anything😩

I mean this is CLT we’re talking about here. I honestly shouldn’t be surprised at all that we found a way to bungle things up.

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Delays of almost a day seems like charlotte

true, true, as a NC native, i’ve seen alot

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