The longest nonstop flight in infinite flight

Behold ladies and gentlemen the longest flight in infinite flight. According to the database. This flight was sponsored by
@AndrewWu foundation. The flight plan is classified under @AndrewWu. I would also like to take the time to thank @AndrewWu and thank him for his efforts and his many knowledge. The total flight time was 70:32, we also had an estimated 6 to 7 hours of fuel left @TheAviationGallery


😳, I guess the aircraft and full flight parameters is Classified too courtesy of Sir @AndrewWu 😂 impressive 👍

I’ll give it out to anyone, just venmo me $10 :)

or, yk, pm


Incredible job! I’d never have the time nor the dedication to fly IF for over 70 hours — that’s almost 3 days! Amazing work man!

And I’ll make sure to give a shoutout to the @AndrewWu Foundation if I ever break a record. 😛

You rock my friend! Genius play! I have PayPal…

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