The Longest Nonstop Flight In IF History

Where are you right now? So I can find you on Live Flight

Nvm, found yah

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Awesome, thanks man. I’ll do the first somewhere over South America. I should be there in about 20 hours depending on winds. I have enough fuel onboard to make it to Africa but that wouldn’t leave a big margin (it would be about 35 hours after takeoff).

I’ll send you a pm tomorrow with the details on my progress, thanks again for your help!

Good luck with your attempt.
Best I could do is 39h38m recently but I flew normal commerial longhaul routes until life called be back to reality lol

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I did exactly that, took a kc10 and refueled myself 3 times. No cargo, just fuel and economy cruise speed. Note that your fpl is crap, you always wanna have crowded space below you so you can get refueled always as soon as you need it, cause theres always an airport nearby. Not water or ice.

Can you please pm me the FPL? I would like to try this sometime! Probably with a 777 or 787.

My flight plan is not crap. Did you seriously think I hadn’t considered that? I’m getting approximately 40 hours of endurance on one tank. That’s over halfway around the world so I cross a number of continents without needing AR. The limiting factor will probably be when my device shuts down/I reach the throttle limit.

Could you lmk more about how your flight went? I.e did you make it to the throttle cutoff or did IF eventually crash? What kind of endurance were you getting in what cruise condition? How did you refuel yourself? I appreciate any info on it, thanks.


Hey man, definitely! But you’ll have to wait until the flight is over since the flight plan is on the notes on my iPad. I don’t want to risk doing anything else on it while the flight is in progress so I can’t send it to you atm. I’d be happy to as soon as it’s over though- definitely remind me if I forget by then. It would be awesome if someone did it even with a few stops along the way!

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I actually just copied it down from live flight for you because it could’ve been a long wait:

PGUA 00E69 00E79 00W70 00W60 00W50 00W40 00W30 00W20 00W10 00W00 0090W 0080W 0070W 0060W 0050W 0040W 0030W 0020W 0010W 0010E 0020E 0030E 0040E 0050E 0060E 0070E 0080E 0090E 00E00 00E10 00E20 00E30 00E40 00E50 00E60 00E70 10E70 20E70 30E70 40E70 50E70 60E70 70E70 80E70 89E70 8010N 7010N 6010N 5010N 4010N 3010N 2010N 1010N 0010W 1010W 2010W 3010W 4010W 5010W 6010W 7010W 8010W 8910W 80S70 70S70 60S70 50S70 40S70 30S70 20S70 10S70 00E70 PGUA


Thanks! Is this the FPL crossing over the poles?

Yes it goes completely around the equator then straight over both poles.

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Could you send me the FPL that goes around the equator too? Thanks!

It’s all one flight plan^. It does the equatorial circumnavigation first, then the polar one.

The cutoff is at 00E70 if you want to split them up.

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Found you


Good luck with this challenge, hope you sucseed! I am sure you are already aware , but in inifnte Flight when yo are refueling you can only take as much fuel eqvilant too 3 full tank loads. So I think the KC-10 has max fuel of 86,000 (ish) kgs, so the max amount you can refill from anouther KC-10 is a total of 258,000kgs of fuel. PLus the amount you took off (which I am guessing is the max amount ) so that will give you a total of 344,000 kgs of fuel to play with before having to land and top up your tanks on the apron and take off again.

Good luck, I will keep an eye on the thread and if able will try and help with an Air to air fuel op if needed!


Thanks for your support! Yes I’ve got four tanks total to work with. I’m getting ~40 hours from each so this flight is theoretically possible (it should take ~140 hours total). IF will probably crash/the throttle cutoff will get me before I make it anywhere close though.

I’ll be doing the first AR over South America. Hoped that won’t be the middle of the night for you. I really appreciate any assistance!

40 hrs worth is some pretty nifty flying there!

When you know aprox the ZULU time of needing fuel, if you post here along with closest Class Bravo and waypoint to that time then am sure we will be able to co-ordinate to put a tanker on station for you.

@Shrek1 ,you might be in a posiiton to assist time and other factor dependant?

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CN see you off the coast. Am taking off from SEQM , callsign ASCOT 10 Heavy. Will head south and hold position on your flight path.

use the VC-25 because of aerial refueling

Just taken off. What’s your current FL and airspeed?


Will hold over SELT.