The Longest Nonstop Flight In IF History

I’m planning to embark on what I hope will become the longest nonstop flight in IF history. I’ll need some AR support to make it possible though. If you’re able to help out please shoot me a PM and I’ll send you all the details. The goal is to break 120 hours of nonstop flying. Thanks in advance for any assistance with this flight!


What device you are using? Gonna need to have some decent ram, good luck :).


Whats with all these people doing USLHs now? Anyways, good luck?

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The trick is to leave it with the camera pointed up for the long stretches so the ground doesn’t have to render. It’s some iPad, idk the model # actually. I’m going to reinstall IF right before departure to maximize availabile memory as well.

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Good luck, I recommend circumnavigating around the world at the equator, you can maybe start a Singapore Changi Int’l Airport, which is only 1 degrees north of the equator.

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What are some of the others you’ve seen? The rationale behind this flight is that it’s the longest you can possibly do. Everything is optimized for endurance so it shouldn’t be possible to beat.

Hasn’t someone tried this and mods have said the app can’t do 80 hour sessions due to cache issues?


Good luck! You can request tanker’s here

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I don’t believe so? That’s the first I’ve heard of that!

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Good luck for sure!

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Huh interesting, well the more yea know! Lol

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I’m going to be departing from Andersen AFB (PGUA) at around 2230Z (in about 30 minutes).

I’ll be keeping my normal call sign for the flight: New Zealand 545 Heavy, username ANZ 5th Freedom ULH. Aircraft type is the KC-10 and it will be on the expert server. Here’s the entire flight plan:

It’s an equatorial circumnavigation followed by a polar one. It should take approximately 140 hours to complete. There is a solid chance that I won’t make it due to the throttle cutoff or the app crashing. It will be interesting to see when that happens though. If you want to spawn at PGUA when I takeoff, please only spawn in the KC-10. I won’t have any other aircraft downloaded to maximize memory.

I’ll need the first AR session within the first 35 hours. This will either occur off the east coast of South America or the west coast of Africa. Any and all help is appreciated! I honestly don’t expect this to work but you never know if you don’t try!


It will cut off around the 70 hour mark. I encountered this (the throttle cuts) and so have many others so don’t expect to reach that goal of 140 hours.

Yep I talked to Schyllberg about it and he says IF just isn’t meant to support flights that long. It’s not a feature and he said they’ll probably fix it in the future.

I also wanna do that

I’m gonna break it to you, you cant fly much longer than 60 hours, your engine will be shut down unless FDS has fixed the issue.

However, good luck, even making it 60 hours will put you on the leaderboard. Keep your device in good condition, don’t crash, and once again, good luck


Good luck. If I hadn’t lost my Grade 3 status this morning I would totally help you with AR.

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I don’t think he ended up doing it he is nowhere to be found on LiveFlight

Thanks and yep like I said, I don’t really expect this to work but it’ll be interesting to see where it fails.