The Longest Flight in Infinite Flight

This flight took one “year” to complete. I took off in 2022 and landed in 2023.

Server: Expert
Route: Trenton (KTTN) - Chicago (KMDW)
Flight Time: 1 hr 45 min

Rockin’ on out of Trenton!

Crusin’ at FL360

Inbound on the visual on 22L

Firmly puttin’ it down!

NOTE: This flight took place during the night. I turned the time of day to noon for better shots.


Chicago is in CST so you landed in 2022. Great pictures though!


Amazing, you flew out 2022 and flew in 2023 :). Have a wonderful 2023!

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Wow…i guess i really set myself up for that one.

I died laughing at that

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