The longest flight in a Fighter Jet!


I’m very excited to bring to Infinite Flight Simulator something that I have consider “new” since I thought that it’s probably The Longest Flight Ever Done In A Fighter Jet. For those users who are wondering “is it at least achievable?” Yes, it is! and below I’ll explain you how to do this.


As we all know the fighter jets aren’t made for long hauls, their principal responsibility is provide air security in case of war, but even the fighter have to fly during long periods of time which would be a really hard task if they hadn’t the Aerial Refueling.

At the moment we have the strategy but It’s also important to know what aircraft you should use for every single purpose in the flight simulator, attending this query and in order to provide a successful flight I went to the solo mode and started testing every fighter, there I came to the conclusion that my best options would be the powerful McDonnell Douglas F/A-18 Hornet and the worst one is the Lockheed Martin F-22 Raptor. I’m not saying that the Hornet is better than the Raptor, since both aircraft have good speed, range and maneuverability, but the results is based on the capacity & flow of the fuel.

Once I had chosen the fighter there was only one question to respond: How many AAR will I need till my destination? and the answer is: 4 which weren’t really necessary since the F/A-18E could fly at 40,000fts and Mach 0.83 spending only 3,300 lbs/hr.

Flight Facts:

  • Server: Expert Server
  • Callsign & Livery: Blue Angel 1
  • Arrival Time: 04h54Z
  • Flight Time: 19h29min
  • Touch & Goes: 1
  • Landings: 2
  1. Parked in the Gate at KJFK.

  1. Taxing to runway 04L.

  1. Heading out KJFK.

  1. Ramp view: Blue Angel 2 & Blue Angel 3.

  1. Aerial Refueling 1/2.

  1. Aerial Refueling 2/2.

  1. Somewhere at Singapore.

  1. Blue Angels Stuff.

  1. Breaking Off!

  1. Rewards:

@clk1290 & @FernandoGonzq Thanks a lot for the air service!

Hope you like this, good day!


It was a pleasure mate! Lets hope we can have more flights together!!!


Whenever Captain! 🫡