The longest event ever... Long flights: P1(Date Changed) [Finished] @ KEWR - 162230ZMAR18

Server: Training

Region: The World

Airport: KEWR

Time: 2230Z

NOTAM: Tail winds flying club did something like this, but we are going to take a longer time, with a longer route (this is really just to say we did it but…) We will be flying NYC to Singapore, the longest comically operated flight. Pleas us the Airbus A380, and coppy my FPL at the gate. We will be using a PM to communicate, but since this will be an 18+hr flight, so many people will sleep, or go to school, so pleas dont assume people will be active in That PM constantly and get annoyed. This event does work best for people on the East Coast of the US, but if you are there we will be taking off at 5:30PM, and landing around 11AM the next day, so pleas make sure you are available at both times. If you can’t do the flight, consider coming for ATC…🙃

Terminal B Gate 57:@KPIT
Terminal B Gate 56: @PedroG
Terminal B Gate 55:
Terminal B Gate 54:
Terminal B Gate 53: @Jordan_Rankin
Terminal B Gate 52: @Bluejay163
Terminal B Gate 51:

KEWR Ground:
KEWR Tower:
KEWR Departure:

WSSS Approach:
WSSS Tower: @MarkAviation
WSSS Ground: @MarkAviation


Oooooh my home airport I might be able to make it


It looks cool. I’ve been thinking about an event kinda like this…i can join, just let me check my calendar. Put me on standby

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The departure time may vary by a half an hour+ along with the landing time, since along a route that long we will experiance alot of wind…

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Fixed the event format for you, look at this topic linked below before making future events.

Have a great one!


If you wanted to make the longest event ever, you could at least make this a multi-day event meaning that the group will land for fuel and get right back up in the air, then fly wherever.

If the a340-500 gets added I will definitely fly this route first

This could start a flurry of posts but just saying that KIAD-YPPH is…impossibly long

Tonight into tomorrow, watch me…

Well it is based on the worlds longest flight so that is more the idea, but many I will out do myself one day…


@KPIT you should start a series called “world’s longest flights”. I bet it would be popular.


…🤔🤫 that is a compelling idea…


Like an events series, or just a tracking thread sort of a thing…

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Make sure to mention me for inspiring the series!

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An event series e.g. KDFW-YSSY and then OMDB-KLAX in order from longest to shortest. Then once you get to regular long hauls just call it “worlds greatest long hauls”


About the really long flight you told me of eirlies, the flight time is a bit too long for tonight, but some day soon…

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I will let you know when

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The KIAD-YPPH route?

Ya, wolnt ba avalable tomorrow eavning to land it

How about Friday? Also we’re getting off topic so lets switch to pm