The Longest Delta A330 Flight

The A330 rework is gonna have the rework soon and I decided to try out the longest DL Route which they used the A330 and took about 12-13 hours from Nagoya to Detroit, the flight was nice but the Climbing to current cruise altitude was slow


Airbus A330-300

Heavy takeoff which almost used the whole runway

FL290 and Leaving the Japanese coast with the Heavy tailwinds

Over The cold alaskan Sunset

I thought it looks nice when it’s brighten up at night

About 3-4 hours later it’s morning over Detroit and already 2 minutes in KDTW

Easy grease crosswind landing

If you wanna go long haul on the A330 I recommend you fly this route


Fantastic photos! Particularly ‘The Cold Alaskan Sunset’ 😁


Yep looks nice isn’t it?

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It looks GORGEOUS 😍

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Note: this used to use the Delta 95 callsign until moved to the ATL-DTW route now its DL94 which now the callsign for the route and next flight is around late march

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Killer photos!! Keep it up!!!

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I can tell that your device has been on for so long. That you worked hard to get these picture, and I’m here to say one thing. Great job!

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@Skydriver900 I’m glad you loved them :D
@Zach_inkling thanks! Also I’ve managed to get up to 16 hours with my device (DOH-LAX)

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Awesome photos! This looks like a fun route I might have to try

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Correct It goes through the great parts of Alaska and Canada

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Great photos

RJCC is Sapporo btw

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