The Long Beach Flyout: 2018 Edition

Welcome to the Long Beach Flyout, 2018 edition hosted by @Butter575 and @IF_California. We are excited to host this flyout because this is an airport that we both know very well and we set off to try and bring it to life in the sim back when JetBlue and American were still active at the airport. Join us as we fill this SoCal Airport!

Server: Expert
Airport: KLGB
Date: 19AUG23

Main Terminal
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination User
01 Southwest 737-700 Oakland @BenjiTheBull
02 Hawaiian A321 Kahului @Mr_A1B3RT
03 American CRJ9 Phoenix @Captain_Lolz
04 Delta E175 Salt Lake City @Metro_Aviation
05 JetBlue A320 San Francisco @Cole_Woodard
06 JetBlue A321 New York @Icey
07 JetBlue A320 Portland @Ryan_15
08 JetBlue A320 Las Vegas @IF_California
09 JetBlue A321 Boston @United403
10 Southwest 737-700 Austin @AmericanB772
11 JetBlue A320 Seattle @anon87523340
Charter Flights
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination User
Signature 01 USAF 737-700 Andrews
Signature 02 Sun Country 737-800 Bullhead City @Mort
Signature 03 Alaska 737-900 Ketchikan @PhorzaSky
Signature 04 Sun Country 737-800 Reno
GA Ramp 29 Air Canada A319 Calgary @Vaylen_Gordon
Summit Hangar United 757-200 Houston @UALPilot
FedEx 01 Eastern 777-200ER El Paso
FedEx 02 Delta 757-200 Denver @alexNine99
UPS Ramps
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination User
UPS 01 UPS A330-200F Louisville @IFChile-BossCL
UPS 02 UPS A330-200F San Bernardino @Meteo
GA Ramps
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination User
Ross Aviation 2 Private CL35 Portland @Prestoni
Ross Aviation 3
Ross Aviation 4
Ross Aviation 5

ATIS: @Butter575
Ground: @Butter575
Tower: @Butter575

  • We are not responsible for violations
  • Follow ATC instructions
  • Use Unicom properly if necessary
  • Act professionally
  • Have fun!



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Me por favor

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I’ll get you signed up

What flight you doin Butter?

Please and thank you

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I’m not sure, I’ll probably fly what’s not taken at the end

Yea If there are still gates open I will take one of them instead of charter

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Gimme gimme

I’ll get you down

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Am I missing something here. It’s 2023.

He means that it was set in 2018, with the routes etc

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Event bump!

Can I change to this please

I’ll switch you

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I’ll take this

I will take gate 10 please!