The London Gatwick Fly-Out || FEB3 2024 1400Z

Hello and welcome to London Gatwick - the world’s busiest single runway operations airport and the 2nd busiest airport in the UK! London Gatwick’s airport is mostly poplular due to easyJet being the main airline to operate out of there! Last year (2022), the airport handled 32,8 million passengers departing, arriving or connecting. 2019 was the year the airport saw the most success with 46,574,786 passengers handled.

Server: Expert

Date: 3 February 2024

Time: 1400z - 1500z

Airport: London Gatwick Airport (LGW/EGKK)

South Terminal
Gate Destination Aircraft Airline User
Gate 05 Dublin A320 Aer Lingus @Captain_Dattz
Gate 04 Athens A320 Aegean @whyevenbothernaming
Gate 03 Riga A220 Air Baltic -
Gate 02 Madrid B738 Air Europa @yenier_Rodriguez
Gate 01 Valetta A320 Air Malta -
Gate 10 Alicante A320 British Airways EuroFlyer -
Gate 11 Tenerife-South A321 British Airways EuroFlyer @IFlyer
Gate 12 Glasgow A319 British Airways Shuttle -
Gate 13 Salzburg A320 British Airways EuroFlyer -
Gate 14 Nice A321 British Airways EuroFlyer -
Gate 15 Tenerife-South A321 British Airways EuroFlyer @Mattuk1
Gate 16 Istanbul New A321 Turkish @Turkish182
Gate 17 Innsbruck A320 easyJet -
Gate 18 Enfidha A320 easyJet -
Gate 19 Funchal A320 easyJet -
Gate 20 Belfast-City A319 easyJet -
Gate 21 Ahmedabad B788 Air India -
Gate 22 Belfast-International A320 easyJet -
Gate 23 Accra B772 British Airways -
Gate 24 Zurich A320 easyJet -
Gate 25 Madrid A320 Iberia -
Gate 27 Bucharest A321 Wizz Air @Cristian_Buzoianu
Gate 28 Cancun B789 TUI Airways @Danilo_Bergsma
Gate 31 Los Angeles B789 Norse Atlantic @United403
Gate 32 Miami B789 Norse Atlantic @JakesAviationYT
Gate 33 Orlando B789 Norse Atlantic @morgan99
Gate 34 Tenerife-South B738 Jet2 -
Gate 35 Shannon B738 Ryanair -
Gate 36 Montego Bay B788 TUI -
Gate 37 Sharm El Sheikh B738 TUI -
Gate 38 Marrakesh B738 TUI -
North Terminal
Gate Destination Aircraft Airline User
Remote 41 Shanghai-Pudong A333 Air China -
Remote 42 Larnaca A320 easyJet -
Remote 43 Mauritius A359 Air Mauritius -
Gate 46 Toronto A333 Air Transat @Ben_Walsh
Gate 47 Paphos A320 easyJet @ayyjay
Gate 48 Paris CDG A319 easyJet @Kamal_Basir
Gate 49 Faro A320 easyJet -
Gate 50 Keflavik B752 Icelandair @IFC_Flying_Dutchman
Gate 51 Frankfurt A320 Lufthansa -
Gate 52 Doha B788 Qatar Airways -
Gate 53 Jeddah B789 Saudia -
Gate 54 Boston A321 JetBlue -
Remote 64 Inverness A319 easyJet @Crunchymonkey12345
Remote 65 Thessaloniki A320 easyJet -
Remote 66 Montpellier A320 easyJet -
Remote 67 Seville A320 easyJet -
Gate 101 Geneva A320 easyJet @MPH258
Gate 102 Isle of Man A319 easyJet -
Gate 103 Berlin A320 easyJet -
Gate 104 Marseille A320 easyJet -
Gate 105 Turin A319 easyJet -
Gate 106 Brindisi A319 easyJet -
Gate 107 Porto A320 easyJet -
Gate 112 Jersey A319 easyJet @Prestoni
Gate 113 Milan-Linate A319 easyJet -
Gate 552 Keflavik A320 easyJet @MANDELA
Gate 553 Barcelona A320 easyJet -
Gate 554 New York-JFK A321 JetBlue @Javery_Mclean
Gate 555 Gran Canaria B738 TUI -
Gate 558 Dubai A388 Emirates -
Gate 560 Verona B738 TUI -
Gate 563 Addis Ababa A359 Ethiopian -
Gate 565 Casablanca B738 Royal Air Maroc @fsin1922
Gate 567 Pisa A319 easyJet -
Gate 568 Santiago de Compostela A319 easyJet -
Gate 570 Olbia A319 easyJet -
Gate 572 Sofia A320 easyJet -
Gate 573 Ljubljana A320 easyJet @RagonDragon

Facility Frequency User
London Gatwick ATIS 136.52 -
London Gatwick Ground 121.80 -
London Gatwick Tower 124.22 -
London Gatwick Approach 118.95 -


  • I am NOT responsible for any violations you receive during the event.
  • All participating users MUST be Grade 3 or above; MUST have a legal and original copy of Infinite Flight; MUST be above 13
  • Listen to IFATC instructions if available
  • Know how to use UNICOM correctly if no ATC is present.
  • Because there is no ground frequency present, please pushback and taxi at your own discretion, however please keep in mind that you have to pay attention to incoming traffic on the taxiways.
  • Most importantly:


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Are there any short a330 routes? Under 2 hours?

The answer would unfortunately be no.

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I’ll take this then

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Also may I ask why the age limit is 13 and not any age? Because if it’s on expert server everyone should be fine even if there below 13. Anyway that’s just a question and not saying you have to change it

The IFC TOS doesn’t allow otherwise

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What TOS mean?

Terms of Service.

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Okay nice.

For some reason the IFC just decided to wipe out gates 1-21, please stand-by with any gate reservations until I fix the issue. Will report when gate reservations are resuming.

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Can I have air transit a330 to cyyz please

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You have been added!

Actually can I be changed to the ba 772 going to Accra please

Give me accra

This please

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This please


I can literally just attend this event before The Boeing 747 Retirement Flight starts!

Nice event my friend!

Can I have this one please? 🙏🏻 🎄

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You’re going to need to choose another gate, it was taken just before you.

Event bump!

This one good sir

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