The logo of Oman Air is not correctly fitted on the wing tip

Hello !
I just suddenly realised that the logo of oman air on the new a330 is not correctly fitted like on the other wing , both logos are different from the other and it shouldn’t be like that , so can you guys please fix this !?!? so that the livery will be perfectly realistic as the real world livery


Hello, I’ve just taken a look at the Oman Air A330-300, but I’ve yet to find any show-stopping issues on the winglets. Do you have any images that may help us identify the problem area?


He’s referring to the logo on the left wingtip:

The gold part of the logo should be pointing the same direction as the logo on the right outer wingtip and tail.


Notice that all three logos in this picture are oriented to the same direction.


Also KLM 77W & Kuwait airways 77W has an eror in their livries

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Yes exactly 💯

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