The livery of Latam airlines


i see a lot of people disliking this livery but i reckon this livery looks very good and very sexy idk about you’s but i love this livery.


I don’t care if it’s good or bad, every airline has the right to change their livery. But is a nice one.

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  • beautiful livery
  • it is ugly
  • it is so so

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well, i don’t fin it UGLY, its just i prefer much more the old LAN and old TAM separated liveries. But I like this one, ain’t that bad!

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I like it a lot to be honest. It’s one of my favorite liveries of all time!

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Taken by my dad at JFK:

Just a view of the look IRL :)


The actual one


I think its ok. I will miss the LAN and the TAM liveries but its fine i guess

Especially LAN’s 😭

I like the Livery though 😍

LATAM isn’t sexy… I didn’t like it at first but gradually the livery seemed to fit on one particular aircraft… Can someone refresh my mind?

I think some people don’t like it because the LAN livery was really good and it got replaced with a plane that is mostly white.

I think it will look better on some planes than others.

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