The Liverpool Evening Flyout | Oct. 9, 2022 (ENDED! THANKS FOR ATTENDING)

The Liverpool Evening Flyout
The Liverpool Evening Fly-out is a fly-out hosted by @Generic_Flyer. We recommend finding routes on Flightradar24 or FlightAware for realistic routes. We also recommend flying the airlines that fly to Liverpool such as: EasyJet, Ryanair, Lufthansa (List of Airlines here: Airlines flying to and from Liverpool Airport).

This event will be on the Training server.

The Airport is Liverpool John Lennon Airport (LPL/EGGP)

6:00PM Zulu time (600Z)

Passenger and Cargo and General Aviation are allowed!


(Beware: This is my first event so feel free tell me anything helpful such as what to edit or change)

Gate 1: @Butter575 | Jet2 737 | Birmingham EGBB
Gate 2: @United403 | Austrian A321 | Innsbruck (LOWI)
Gate 3: Not Reserved
Gate 4: @Rastko_Roza | EasyJet A320 | Tivat (LYTV)
Gate 5: @Csnake | Wizzair A320 | Gdańsk (EPGD)
Gate 6: (Not Reserved)
Gate 7: @hikari_chan | RyanAir B738 | Talinn (EETN)
Gate 8: (Not Reserved)
Gate 9: @John_Ryan1 | EasyJet A320 | Amsterdam (EHAM)
Gate 10: @BFS_Flyer | Ryanair 738 | Palma De Mallorca (LEPA)

Gate 11: @HDzurichaviation | Swiss A220 | Zürich (LSZH)
Gate 12: @Ryan_Carney | Aer Lingus A320 | Dublin (EIDW)
Gate 13: @higgy0710 | British Airways A320 | Edinburgh (EGPH)
Gate 14: @Pilot_Fish123 | Swiss A330 | London Heathrow (EGLL)
Gate 15: @XXTHUNDERDOMEXX | EasyJet A320 | Amsterdam (EHAM)
Gate 16: @FlyingWizard20 | American 787-9 | John. F Kennedy NYC (KJFK)
Gate 17: @Dodo_Bird | Lufthansa A320 | Frankfurt (EDDF)


Ground: @United403
Tower: @United403
Arrivals: @zykejohn09
Departure: (Not Reserved)

I will stop replying everyday at 12:00AM PST. Please wait until 11:00AM PST for replies.

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Gates Available will be Gates 1-10 and 11-17.

Please @ me to sign up and request a gate. A gate list will be edited onto the post soon.

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I’ll take this gate. EasyJet A320 to Gatwick please

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Can I take gate 2, Austrian A321 to Innsbruck

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Also, I would love to sponsor this event with my PDX event

Alright, here you go!

Gate 1

Airline: Easyjet
Aircraft: A320
Destination: Gatwick

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Sure! Also here is your flight info.

Alright, here you go!

Gate 2

Airline: Austrian
Aircraft: A321
Destination: Innsbruck

Can I recommend something?

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Sure go ahead!

Next to each hate… since me and butter575 reserved those routes, write @, the name | Airline and aircraft | destination.

So mine would be @United403 | Austrian A321 | Innsbruck LOWI

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Ok thank you so much!

I hope that helps

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Current Reserved Gates

@United403 | Austrian A321 | Innsbruck LOWI
@Butter575 | EasyJet A320 | Gatwick EGKK

He meant on the event itself

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Then, at the bottom of the post, you can also add ATC services that people can sign up for. Again as an example, it would be

Ground @United403
Tower @Butter575

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You can edit your event to add in the routes that people requested to sign up for ;)

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You can edit the post by clicking the pencil icon

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Because you did it like this, it shows the time of the event in their time, so you can get rid of “time is in PST” so that it won’t confuse people ;)

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Ok! (10C)))))))))))))

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If anyone is available for ATC for the event, please @ me so I can add you onto the ATC list.

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