The little things that spoil the fun

ATC can spoil your flight, sometimes. That’s why I often avoid controlled airports because I feel intimidated with the threats they’re so quick to dish out. I just abandoned a 7 hour flight into EGLL, a new controller comes in just as I’m on short final, 500 ft to go, manual approach, tells me to contact tower, then orders me to go around for no reason. No plane on the runway, nothing. One was holding short already. I know we have to listen to ATC, but they need to be reasonable as well.


Was there an aircraft crossing? There are many factors that could cause a GA. Did you leave the sporadic frequency prior to clearance/handoff?

Could we see a screenshot of your map?

Also we’re you in the air or ground?

Contact him here and let him to explain to you why did he do that?!

Very simple he is not give GA for no reason.

I don’t think a Go-Around could ruin your entire flight. A new controller just coming in is reasonable as the controller is just getting used to the traffic flow.

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You know how a controller telling you to go around “ruins your flight”, do you think pilots moaning constantly, some not following instructions, and getting angry with ATC for doing what they’ve been trained to do, keep the virtual skies safe and aircraft separated, possibly ruins a controller’s session? Just food for thought. :)

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Was this on the expert server?

How does a go around ruin your flight? 🤨

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A go around should never ruin your flight. They do the on purpose to protect you for some reason. Dont get all upset because you had to do a go around. :)

I would still like to hear the full extent of your experience.

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Often controllers when enter in the frequency want you to contact them at all costs.
If you were already cleared from the previous controller and you are on short final it’s not required to contact tower to get a new clearance, it may result in a report but in this case it will not be your fault as you dont need to get cleared 2 times from different controllers.

Get the plane landed and contact ground, if you can contact tower before landing then please do it.

The go around i will assume is caused by you not being cleared, however, i’m not in the controller mind so please contact him for further informations.


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