The little Seaplane base near where I work

I work at a Walmart Store in New Hampshire, and our store is located not far from the Merrimack River.

Since I work outside, I get to see the usual traffic come in to Manchester, NH. But then there is this one Seaplane that uses the river as a runway.

Apparently, there is a small little private Seaplane base in the Merrimack River not far from my work. So every Late Spring to Early Winter, I see this little Seaplane depart the Seaplane Base, going somewhere.

This private airplane will occasionally fly over our store on Right Downwind to land on the river.

Seaplane Base info

NH12 | Evans Seaplane Base
Aircraft Based: N/A
Ruwnay 9W - 27W | 4,000x300ft
Privately owned
Opened 2016 (2 years ago)

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