The Little Polish Bullet - LOT E170

Now that the E-Jets have been confirmed for rework (or at least one variant has), I thought to take the smallest jet in LOT’s fleet for a flight.

Server: Expert
Origin: Dublin (EIDW)
Destination: Warsaw (EPWA)
Flight time: 2h22’
Flight level: FL370
Load: CY14 (capacity CY76)
Cruise: Mach 0.75 (as opposed to A320/B737 cruising at 0.78)

LOT uses this aircraft type regularly to Dublin, which to me does not make too much economic sense given how the flight is pretty long for a baby E-Jet. Still I enjoyed it a lot and would fly this route IRL without a doubt!


Sweet flight!! Always love to see LOT and their hub get some love!! Keep it up!


Just beautiful❤ I flew on Lot E190 to warsaw from krakow IRL, really a little beast! So much power… I was amazed by its performance😎


Hold up, wait a minute…

E-Jet* I think you mean

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I did say that at least one variant has!

I flew the E190 and the E195 and I also thought they were really aerodynamic and powerful. I hope the E190 is the first E-Jet rework, but ultimately I would fly any of them 😁.

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Where has it been confirmed and which variant?

Hey mate, they’ve not confirmed the variant yet but have said it’s only going to be one for starters. Check the below:

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