The Little Plane War: Bombardier vs Boeing (Wendover)

Hello Everyone! Today, I have a rather Interesting video about how Bombardier and Boeing were fighting about the C-Series and Tariffs being imposed, as well as Airbus Stepping in to get 50% Stake of the C-Series program.

This is an awesome video made by an awesome YouTuber called Wendover Productions


I strongly recommend everybody on this forum to watch his videos and subscribe, they are great and very informative. And no,I’m not sponsored in any way. ;)


Wow this is interesting…

I watched this a while back, very informative.


I watch this guy a lot. He is the one that taught me about ETOPS ratings.

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I subscribed to Wendover Productions, and watch all of the videos. They are very informative and interesting!

Watched this months ago, great video, they clearly did a lot of research

Most informative video I’ve watched in a while. Now that I understand the significance of the Airbus - Bombardier - Boeing issue, I’m going to be on the lookout for these C-Series aircraft.

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