The Little Lukla Fly-in!

Hello everyone, and welcome to Nepal! Located in the eastern part of this country are many of the world’s tallest mountains, including Mt. Everest and K2. In order for climbers to start their treks up these incredible peaks, they must first take a flight into the isolated Lukla Airport, which is known for being the world’s most dangerous airport because of its short runway and difficult approach. Come join me for this treacherous fly-in!

Event Details

Server: Expert
Arrival Airport: Tenzing-Hillary/Lukla Airport (VNLK)
Date & Time: 2024-02-04T23:00:00Z

All Suggested Routes
Route: Flight time Aircraft
Kathmandu - Lukla 00:30 C208 (generic)
Ramechhap - Lukla 00:20 C208 (generic)
Phaplu - Lukla 00:15 C208 (generic) or TBM 930


Signup Route Aircraft Pilot
01: Ramechhap - Lukla C208 @Wonderousbuilder641
02: Kathmandu - Lukla C208 @Ryan_15
03: Kathmandu - Lukla C208 @United403
04: Kathmandu - Lukla C208 @Prestoni
05: Phaplu - Lukla TBM930 @Bay_Area_Aviation
07: Kathmandu - Lukla C208 @American367
08: Kathmandu - Lukla C208 @Richiflying
09: Kathmandu - Lukla TBM930 @Mort
10: Kathmandu - Lukla TBM930 @Topgottem
11: Lhanda - Lukla TBM930 @KattasiumAviation
12: Kathmandu - Lukla C208 @falcon.ccp
13: Kathmandu - Lukla TBM930 @Ross1134
15: Ramechhap - Lukla C308 @RAFJET
16: Phaplu - Lukla C208 @VortexVolt

ATIS: @Butter575
Tower: @Butter575


• I am not responsible for any violations issued during the event

• Follow all ATC instructions

• Act professionally throughout the event

• If ATC is not present use the traffic frequency correctly

• All of these rules apply to both commercial and GA aircraft

• Most importantly, have fun!

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None yet! Please P.M. me if you would like to sponsor.

As always, please let me know if there is anything I am missing. I hope to see you there!


C208 Katmadu

Ignore the horrible spelling

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lol I’ll sign you up

Same as Ryan please

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I’ve got you signed up!

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I’ll take Tower and Atis

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Same as @United403 and @Ryan_15

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You have both been signed up!

This to Phaplu on a TBM930 plz

Nice choice, I’ll sign you up!

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I swear noone is ever going to do this 💀


I will sign up for this pls

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I’ll get you down!

Can you sign me up for VFR work and some mountain flying, TBM930.
Also I will be landing runway 24 @Butter575 .


That’s most likely not going to happen

Watch me fool.

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Whatever you say. Your impending report awaits

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@Topgottem landings will only be permitted on runway 06. Also, since this is a fly-in event, which airport would you like to fly in from?

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I will fly from here ig

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