The Lisbon Flyout!5JUL🇵🇹

This event is hosted by @Dimitrios_TA
Hello and welcome zo Lisbon.This is the capital located in the southern part of the country.
This is Portugal’s largest airport serving over 33 million people in 2023.
Without further ado ,let’s get into it!

Event details

Server: Expert

Time: 2024-07-05T10:00:00Z2024-07-05T20:30:00Z

Airport: Humberto Delgado IATA: LIS, ICAD: LPPT

Please spawn in 15 minutes before departure.
If flying in from another airport, please time it apptopriately

Basic event rules

  1. Listen to ATC at all times.

  2. If ATC is not present use INTERCOM appropriately.

  3. Respect others


Community events


Terminal 1
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination User
114 British Airways A320 London Heathrow @CrazyBeacon
115 Aer Lingus A320 Dublin
116 TAP Air Portugal A320 Rome Fiumicino
117 Swiss International Lines A321 Zurich
122 TAP Air Portugal A320 Berlin
123 Easyjet A320 Copenhagen
124 Air France A320 Paris
125 Iberia A321 Madrid
126 Vueling A320 Palma de Mallorca
141 TAP Air Portugal A330-900neo Recife
142 TAP Air Portugal A330-900neo San Francisco
143 TAP Air Portugal A330-900neo Munich @MarcosHazard
144 TAP Air Portugal A330-900neo Boston @CubanTwins
145 TAP Air Portugal A330-900neo San Fransisco @Dimitrios_TA
146 TAP Air Portugal A330-900neo Miami @Olivia12
147 Easyjet A320 Athens @whyevenbothernaming
Terminal 2
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination User
201 Emirates B777-300ER Dubai
204 TAP Air Portugal A330-900neo Porto Alegre
207 TAP Air Portugal A330-900neo Sao Paulo @Ruchir_Sanjay_Modi
209 TAP Air Portugal A320 Madeira Funchal @Random_AviatorYT
Remote Ramp Remote Stands
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination User
104 Easyjet A320 Milan Malpensa
105 TAP Air Portugal A320 Ponta Delgada
106 TAP Air Portugal A320 Tenerife
107 TAP Air Portugal A320 Sal Cape Verde @MPH258
221 TAP Air Portugal E190 Marrakech @AnotherPilot77
222 Ryanair B737-800 Vienna
223 TAP Air Portugal A320 Munich
224 TAP Air Portugal A320 Frankfurt
225 Vueling A321 Amsterdam
Remote Apron Remote stands
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination User
301 TAP Air Portugal A320 Warsaw
302 Air Serbia A319 Belgrade
401 Icelandair B757 Reykiavik
402 Wizzair A321 Sofia
403 EL AL B737-800 Tel Aviv
405 Finnair A321 Hellsinki
412 Etihad Airways B787-10 Abu Dhabi
415 Qatar Airways B787-8 Doha
422 United Airlines B787-10 New York Newark @Muhammedj14
425 Air Canada A330-300 Totonto
501 Brussels Airlines A319 Brussels
502 United Airlines B757 Washington Dulles @Apple_Haye
503 TAP Air Portugal A330-900neo Cancun
504 Air Transat A330-300 Montreal
505 TAP Air Portugal A330-900neo Hangzhou
506 SAS A320 Stockholm
600 Air Baltic BCS3 Riga
602 American Airlines B787-8 Philadelphia
605 TAP Air Portugal A330-900neo Maputo
608 Emirates B777-300ER Dubai
Cargo Apron
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination User
801 Emirates Sky Cargo B777F Dubai

Hey. You have to add this btw

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My finger always slips and posts the event earlier than i wanted it to


All gate assignments are done and it is completely realistic
Let lisbon fill up

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Can I take this route

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Can I take this one please?

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Everyoune is signed up

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I’ll have gate 147.

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I suppose that it is Athens
Without looking 😂

You are signed up my friend

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Can I please have 146 TAP Air Portugal A330-900neo Miami thx

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Good choice
All signed up

Can I swap this for the TAP E190 pls?

Heads up, u gotta put the H for Helsinki👍

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Signed up
Thanks for telling me about the typo😀👍

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its spelt Funchal but its fine but illl take this one

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You are signed up and the typo is corrected

Can I take this one but going to Munich instead?

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Sign me up for this one

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Event bump

Event bumpp