The Lisbon Fly-out!

No worries, it was gonna be low key kinda tight for me anyway, so enjoy!

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I don’t have a A339 going to Madeira unfortunately as that’s very Unrealistic

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It is realistic, TAP do fly their A339 on LPPT- LMPA routes particularly high peak periods.

Ok I’ll park where no one reserved a spot!


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Alright then…

Not that i recall TAP flying A339’s there…

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@lalabo let me pushback!!!

There’s no conflict behind me…

You should check out on YT!
Have a great one to Heathrow!

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I’ll check out later!


Lisbon is hectic Right now Guys!

Hope you all enjoy your flights to your desired destination!

Sorry I could make it

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That’s okay!

It’s becoming a chore in LPPT, still waiting for pushback.
@lalabo get those planes up in the air quicker! Issue immediate take off instructions to get a better flow.

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I had the same issue too!

@lalabo didn’t even clear me to pushback when there was no conflict lol

Sorry i overslept

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No worries!

Us as humans always do it😂

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If only it was that easy. There were 3 different controllers for only 4 frequencies, so you can tell how busy the airport was.

I was instructed to gate hold, so there was not a line up of more than 6-7 aircraft at the runway.

Please understand the enormity of traffic and trust us controllers:)


It’s not about the conflict.
It’s about how long you will have to wait in queue for departure.

If you were given immediate pushback clearance you would have had to wait a minimum of 30 minutes in lineup making it hard for the tower controller.


There’s no criticism on you, in fact I tagged you wrong. It meant to be for tower!
I accept it’s a difficult operation and you have done excellent work. Once I connected to tower frequency I can see the work is excellent also, so no complaints!
Earlier there’s a long hold whereby planes in the queue are still holding even as arriving aircraft landed, there’s a lack of flow there &well those on final with inappropriate approach speed.


I understand now…


Hello everyone once again!

I hope you all have reached your assigned destinations safely!

I just want to say a massive thank you to all members for joining this incredible event today!

Check out my other IFC events right here: The Incredible Heathrow Fly-Out! The Brilliant Bristol Fly-Out! The Larnaca Fly-Out!

Warm regards,


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