The Life of a KSAN ATC Controller on the Playground Server

The picture speaks for it’s self… It’s absolute chaos when BOTH runways are open at the same time at KSAN because no one listens when I say “go around” or “enter right downwind Runway 09” but it is what it is

If you don’t understand the picture… There are 2 planes about to land at 09 and I told the A380 to go around and the aircraft going the opposite way taking off from Runway 27 I dident even tell him to enter the runway yet… It’s especially difficult when you have planes taking off from both sides as well as landings coming from both sides

Some of them aren’t even on my frequency… Funny

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In real life San Diego uses almost always runway 27.
Instruct all arriving flights to enter right downwind, outbound flights should taxi or back taxi to runway 27.
I know that many users love approaching over the sea, but for a good experience even on the Playground server they should follow instructions.
Also LAX uses always the outer 24R and 25L for inbound and 24L and 25R for outbound.
Only during night and early morning (when many freighters arrive from Asia, and some passenger flights come from Hawaii and Australia) they were cleared to land on the inner 06R and 07L.

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Oh that’s cool to know and yeah I know the point you made and I don’t blame the pilots flying on IF it’s just causes so much mayhem if one person doesn’t listen then everyone doesn’t listen

that runway issue has been around for a while,meanng why have both runways available for takeoff/departure…just causes alot of issues and CHAOS…whenever the issue gets sorted…roll with the punches

I’m glad you mentioned this as it is absolutely true. In the real world they aren’t allowing random runway use when the winds are calm. There is a preferential direction and they stick to it, otherwise it would be like IF😄