The LDA Rwy 18 at Lake Tahoe

Here’s one of my favourite approaches, one that I discovered while still using the free app, but even after going pro and having the world to explore, I still come back here to South Lake Tahoe.

Technically its a traditional DME approach with VOR referenced fixes… But I played it easy by converting it into a GPS approach, as the fixes are in the IF database. It’s an offset approach due to the hills close on the left, so the last bit is a visual skip to the left to line up.

It’s fun for the scenery, but also the angles and anticipation of the turn towards the IAF, across the line of hills with the expanse of the lake beckoning.

I hope you enjoy this taster of the LDA Rwy 18 approach at Lake Tahoe, and better still take a shot at it yourself!

Server : Casual / Aircraft : Dash 8 / Time : 1200 / Route : Redding Muni to South Lake Tahoe

Arriving from the NW over Reno

Now heading towards the IAF over the hills

Lining up

Descent over the lake

This looks like a nice place!

The runway offset

Safely down…

Thanks for reading and taking a look… 😉
mcgregni / ZK-MCG


Very impressive approach! The scenery looks really cool and having an offset approach over a mountain lake definitely is a great thing as well. Thanks for sharing, really cool!

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Thanks JulianB for your response 🙂… Yes, it’s probably one of those under-appreciated places in the USA!

I read some history on the airport, and apparently back in the day there used to be Lockheed Constellations flying in there 😱… That would not be for the faint hearted pilot I feel!

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Must definitely have been a crazy experience! Very interesting!

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