The latest version isn't available in the Amazon Appstore

I have a Kindle Fire HDX. The latest version with the Boeing 787-8 isn’t available in my Appstore. And I can’t seem to find support for the update not being here. Can anyone help or relate? Does anyone know when the update can or will come out for Amazon appstore

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There is an Amazon version:

It is, they have made Amazon versions in the past and they still do.

I have the app and it works just fine. But my concern is that apple/Android devices get update before Amazon. Shouldn’t Amazon come at the same time as apple/android

I’m pretty sure there was a delay this time around because Amazon changed their system regarding updating app software, so the devs had to re-work the update to work with the new system.

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It was released about 2 weeks ago.Im not sure which generations actually have the new version.

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