The latest: Plans for Alitalia revival - The Lufthansa Group has announced to take a stake in ITA Airways

Almost a year later the deal is almost approved with only a few details remaining to be ironed out. The approval is expected at latest July 4th


The date is now set to be Wednesday, July 3rd according to „trustworthy“ sources in Brussels

Edit: Tomorrow 12:30pm European standard time

Lufthansa was just approved to buy 41%


SkyTeam left the chat.

I read they won’t change until 2025 (or 2026)? Potentially a mitigation measure issued by the European Commission or maybe there’s a minimum membership duration for new members of Skyteam (if ITA was counted as a new member by them)

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It was a joke.

I know I just wanted to share the info because I thought it might be interesting

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