The latest Air Force One leaves for mods

Well here she is, America’s future Air Force One. With the aging VC-25A fleet, the US Decided the next Presidential Transport aircraft would be a 747-8i.
The 747-8i, FAA registration number N894BA, flew directly from the Southern California Logistics Airport to Lackland AFB’s Kelly Field Annex in Texas which is the same place where depot-level maintenance and modification occurs on the Air Force’s 747-based VC-25A and E-4B fleets. The transformation and entry into service for both 747-8i aircraft is now slated to cost $4.68B. The entire program, including infrastructure costs such as a new hangar at Andrews AFB to house the two jetsthe existing hexagon shaped, bunker-like Air Force One hangar is only slightly too small—will bring the total program cost to $5.3B.

The 747-8i are selected after being sold to a Russian company that went bankrupt, rumor has it President Trump negotiated a good deal for these two jets. The new Air Force One aircraft to replace the existing 747-200 based VC-25As that are approaching 30 years in age and becoming harder to maintain as first generation 747s of a similar design have all but disappeared from the skies.

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It’s really fascinating, they are rebuilding one of the most complicated and protected aircraft In the sky, and will be used to carry one of the most important people in the world


Did someone say LACKLAND!? I love about two hours from there, and that’s where my CAP Encampment was 😯

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