The Last Virgin Atlantic 747 @ KLAS

Hi all! It’s been a while since I went spotting but I had the chance to see the last Virgin Atlantic 747-400 (G-VROS) land in McCarran before it was converted to a freighter for Atlas Air.

It is expected to depart to Marana, Arizona 2 hours after this post.

G-VROY, which will then be the final VA 747 will be departing from Cuidad Real on November 11th to LAS, before heading to Marana being the final U.K Carrier.

Luckily, I was able to capture great lighting from Vegas’ winter sun!

We have an Ex-U.S Airways A321 arriving from Dallas!

Afterwards, this Frontier A320neo with Trixie the Fox 🦊

You can see some type of political banner flown by a biplane in the backround 👀

One of Frontier’s original liveries (Montana the Elk) on their A320-200 arrives from Los Angeles. 🦌

The Queen, The Legend, The Big Boi 747 🥰

Finally arriving with the 747 in the background is a Delta 737-900 from Salt Lake City!

Thank you for viewing! I hope to spot G-VROY in the coming weeks!



Beautiful Photos!

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That’s actually a 737-900ER :)

Which I flew on the A318 way back in 2012.

Nice shots! Sad to see such a beautiful aircraft departing the skies.

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Oops, got that confused with A 737 DAL that landed right after 😂

Nice pics!

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“Forever Young”

May I send my best wishes to her and hope for a long life at Atlas Air :)


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