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I want to thank everyone who has helped me along the way of learning how to make flight plans this new update. I have one more question left though. I understand everything now except the approach. I don’t get why when you select an approach that goes past the runway? Some are so extreme know where they start over they stop. Like I don’t know which end is which. Can someone please explain this to me

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If you’re looking to select an approach that starts at the end of the cone, you can select “vectors to final” and that should work out.

Some sections on the approaches are the “missed approach” parts which can be found in the approach charts of the airport. Usually these are the RNAV or RNP approaches that have the fixes in the missed approach.

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But when I hit vectors to Final on this approach and many others look what happens. The airport is within that Circle and it does Vector me right to the airport but then it continues on past it and randomly ends

Oh, okay so is this part of it then missed approach? And will that skew the distance to destination Timer? Like will it consider the endpoint to be your destination instead of the airport now

Yea it will skew it a bit, but I think your descent will still be calculated correct by the VNAV function.

Yes, I believe it’s the missed approach. But every time I’ve done it, as soon as you plug in your arrival + approach + dest. it get’s rid of the missed approach.

It shows you options and then you select vectors to final.

This is what it shows me what I hit vectors to final

Yeah you haven’t added it yet. Once you add it, it will get rid of the missed Appr.

Oh okay, thank you yeah I just added it and it went away. Thank you guys very much I appreciate it. I’m so happy I finally have this down now. Seriously I can’t thank you guys enough thank you

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It actually does not. I tried it with an approach into VHHH. I had the same idea, that if would disappear once I selected it, but it actually does not. I had to manually delete it and thus lose the approach designation in my FPL.

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Did you add the approach and arrival? It works for me and did for Tyler.

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Yes I always add both of them

Which specific approach into VHHH? I’ll check it out too

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The L07L approach (its a salmon pink colour)

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Those are missed approaches

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