The Last Spotting Topic of the Decade!

Hey everyone!!

Today is a very exciting day, the last of the 2010s. In some time, this decade with have its own nickname, maybe something like “the decade of the smartphone”.


I haven’t made a gone spotting for a while, or really made a spotting topic either, but fear not! I am back, and loaded with sharp evening departure shots out of my local airport, KBWI (Baltimore-Washington Thurgood Marshall International Airport-phew), on December 15, 2019. The last photo (which is out of focus, I know) was taken after departing Atlanta (KATL) on a flight to Washington (KDCA), on November 16, 2019.

Before I begin, please take a moment to realize that this is probably going to be the last IFC spotting topic in the year 2019, but also in this current decade. (for some of you reading this, it is already 2020, but not for me yet :P).

Without further ado, let the pictures begin!

American Airlines | A320-214 | N110UW

Southwest Airlines (Canyon Blue Livery) | 737-7H4 | N225WN

Southwest Airlines (Heart Livery) | 737-7H4 | N744SW

Endeavor Air (dba Delta Connection) | CRJ-200ER | N820AY

American Airlines | 737-823 | N968AN

Southwest Airlines (Canyon Blue Livery) | 737-7BD | N7746C

Southwest Airlines (Heart Livery) | 737-7K9 | N7879A

Southwest Airlines (Heart Livery) | 737-8H4 | N8572X

United Airlines | 737-924ER | N61887

Delta Airlines | A321-211 | N339DN

That is all guys!

Thanks for taking a look. It has been a fantastic decade for me, and I hope it has been the same for all of you guys. I look forward to the upcoming years of spotting, and hopefully being able to partake in things that will expand my spotting abilities.

Cheers, and have a safe, healthy, and prosperous new year!


Enjoy the future! I’m still in 2019 as of now lol
And I love both of the canyon blues 😍 :)

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Well, I still have 24 minutes left to savor.

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Hmmmm, planes flying right over my house with ppl shootin fireworks. Might not be a bad time

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Very nice pictures! 15 more minutes for me!✈️🥂

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Very nice! BWI is one of my favorite airports

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Such nice photos. Fantastic work, @HiFlyer! Looking forward to your shots in 2020.

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Those are just stunning. The first spotting topic I view in 2020, and it’s this, I’m I’m pressed, they’re great!
(The Southwest wing view is the best)

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Nice pictures! Fun Fact: I was on N8572X earlier this year SJC-PDX

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Thanks @MrMrMan, @snoman, and @BigBert10!

@Butter_Boi, the wing view is actually Delta, but thanks anyways!

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It was blue, it looked like Southwest. I am legally blind for not looking at the winglet.

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