The Last Passenger 747

Hi guys. Today is a sad day in aviation, but also a joyful day. Today the last 747 rolled off the production line in Washington, USA. The 747-8i belongs to Korean Air. The end of an amazing era of aviation is sadly around the corner. But today we should also take a look back at the 747 legacy. It has made such an impact in the aviation industry. Boeing sees no more future in the 747, besides freighter versions which have all been delivered. Thank you Boeing for such an amazing airplane.

This is the last 747 made, delivered to Korean Air.

A KLM 747 cockpit, picture is mine.

I’m sorry for making this sound so sad, when we really should be celebrating this amazing craft. I just couldn’t find any other way to put it 😂🙄


This is very sad. It will be sad to see the 747s go.


I feel that the 747 will live on maybe as a cargo carrier or maybe one day the 747 will be needed for passenger service again… I hope…
By the way you might want to alter it because this the last passenger 747 not the last 747 entirely.

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