The last man standing @VNLK 71500ZMAY20

hope this is ok for a group flight event if not, I am okay with it.

welcome to the “last man standing” group flight where we will do a group flight in the hills of Nepal.

About this group flight
We will begin our flight at VNLK (Lukla)

There will be no flight plan, participant at the front can lead the group to anywhere they want

ALL participants must use the F22

No time limit is established

Why is it called last man standing? and rules
I, Fish, will initially be the leader, the participant at the front of the line. Once I crash, the participant behind the leader can lead the remaining pack. The process goes on until only 1 participant is left, declaring him the “last man standing” if the person behind the leader crashes, nothing special happens, just 1 player less. And it is super fast between 800-1500 Kts so it is hard to maneuver

other rules

Do not split too far away from the group, distancing ourselves may be the strategy to avoid crashing along with the participant or participants in front, try to remain a maximum of half-a-ILS distance away both vertically and horizontally

Everyone must put full throttle all the way throughout the event after takeoff

Everyone must be fully filled with fuel with no armaments

Do as many low-passes as possible, you can stay in the air for a maximum of 1 minute if not, you will be disqualified. So be sure to get your status bar to show “flight time”

The event will take place at
In the casual server

If you have ANYTHING to ask regarding the event, feel free to do so! I won’t get mad, besides, no one cares if it is a stupid question or not but we should respect what others think

|Participant 1| Hangar | @Fish
|Participant 2| Gate 1 |
|Participant 3| Gate 2 |
|Participant 4| Gate 3 |
|Participant 5| Gate 4 |

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This a fantastic idea! Cant believe no one has ever thought of this! Unfortunately i can’t come but I wish you the best of luck!
Happy Flying :D

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Thanks for the positive remark :)

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Hey. This should be in #live:events
Group flights have to be within the same day (i believe it’s even within 3 hours)
So if you change it to Events it should be alright!

Sadly I am not trust level 2 :( so how am I supposed to get this recategorized?

He can’t as he’s TL1

Check this thread out for when you are able to post in events:

Otherwise you have to change the date

Check this thread out too:

Thanks :)