The last Boeing B-52 Stratofortress bomber rolled out today.

In an earlier post today I posted a picture of the Boeing Dreamlifter that I saw on final this morning. Being in Wichita Kansas today turned me to a reflective moment. I began to realize the impact that Wichita has had on the aviation industry and the world of flying over the years. Below is an article that I found to be very cool. The last Boeing B-52 Stratofortress was rolled out on this day in 1962 in Wichita. Wichita continues to make an impact on the aviation world: Currently the home of Beechcraft and Cessna, Wichita is also home to manufacturing facilities for Boeing (Spirit Aerospace) and Bombardier LearJet. All of this coupled with McConnell AFB in town means there is always a plane to spot overhead in Wichita!
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This is sad to me because my grandfather flew these majestic beasts.


That’s cool… and there are still some in active service!


Such a history aircraft and is still going strong today!

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55 years and still in service. The engineers at the time really planned for the future.


@david.harper… Thanks for the memory David! On June 22, 1962 I was on my first tour of duty in the Marines. I was at sea with the ready force in the Med just finishing an amphibious exercise in the Libyan rock desert with a rifle in my fist. First time out of the states, looking forward to a 1st oversea’s port call in Gulf One, Fr. Those where the days, $1 for a carton of camels from sea stores (PX), good chow, fit, ready and full of sponk. Lest we forget! Regards, Max


Ah, the BUFF. There’s something neat about this iconic hunk of Cold War-era freedom.

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@Maxmustang Thank you so much for your service to our country! I was born 1 month after the last rollout!


Wow, a beautiful plane! Fun fact about these, most pilots who fly them weren’t even born when the aircraft they are flying was made!

btw the title is a bit misleading. Try saying -this day today in 1962, because it certainly wasn’t made today.

Most people (hopefully) know the B-52 isn’t still in production. Haha.


They do look very great

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They are not in production any longer, but they are still in service. And you are correct. Hopefully , most people know that. LOL

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