The Las Vegas (KLAS) Spotting Guide

Hey All! Me and @Robertine made a spotting guide for KSEA and KLAS. KLAS is the major airport for Las Vegas and is called McCarran International Airport.

There are many spots that are great for catching aircraft at McCarran!

1. Viewing Parking Lot

This is a parking lot made especially for spotters. It’s never very busy unless something like AF1 comes in.

Pros: This is a great close up view of aircraft touching down on 26L and Takeoffs on 26R

Cons: There is a fence blocking you from seeing aircraft. It is recommended that you bring a ladder to view over.

2. Lazy Dog Lot

The parking for the lazy dog is great for watching aircraft up close right over you.

Pros: Great for if you want to eat and spot at the same time, you can also get directly under aircraft on final for runway 1L. And yes, your dog can eat too. =)

Cons: You can really see takeoffs on 1L or 1R

3. The Las Vegas Boulevard Chevron

This spot is right on Las Vegas Boulevard, it’s less then a block away from the Welcome to Las Vegas Sign

Pros: This spot is great for Runway 1L landings and takeoffs just LazyDog

Cons: Almost no cons besides that there is traffic all the time in this area.

4. Park 2000

This spot is one of my favorites! It’s located right on Runway 26L and 26R

Pros: Amazing for spotting on 26L! There is a patch of grass with 3 rocks to sit on 😂 it’s also a good picnic location!

Cons: After 10am, the sun is in your eyes and it’s almost always windy.

5. Corporate Buildings in Park 2000

This is the perfect location! It’s located on Sunset Park Road!

Pros: It’s always quite and never busy. (Literally no traffic) It’s totally public to everyone so you won’t get yelled at sitting there for 10 hours. It’s also in the shade all the time and right under arrivals on 26L!

Cons: You can’t see any takeoffs but it’s still awesome!


Birb for @anon38496261 and @Robertine

Thanks for viewing!


Great topic! Well built! Good job!

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Ikr! I saw I’m walking around while spotting so I had to take a picture of Tony’s brother

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If anyone sees Tony or His Brother, please call

(+1) 800-096-TONY

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The last picture is great! Where’d you take it that seems like a cool spot! :)

Jokes aside nice guide. Probably won’t be going anywhere anytime soon though.


I’m a little confused about #3, why is there only blue sky in the first picture, not a plane?

Like in all the other ones, the first photo has a plane, but in that one there’s nothing there 🤔

Those are pictures of the locations :)

No but the picture before the location shot, it’s just sky with some wispy clouds

Can you quote which ones? One are pictures of aircraft I spot at each location and the others are pictures of the locations themselves

This photo, it’s just sky

I’m not sure if this is a joke or not 😂

Edit: I am so dumb for not knowing this joke at first. Great joke to anyone that gets it 😂👍

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I give up :(

Because the government doesn’t want you to know that Janet Airlines exists 😉

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But actually, great guide, I have no plans to go to Las Vegas but it will help people that do

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