The Las Vegas (KLAS) Spotting Guide {UPDATED}

Hi everyone! If you don't know, i created a similar topic in March. In the past 3 months, I have learned a lot more about aviation and spotting. I'm here to provide better locations for this new thread!
Spot #1 || Official Spotting Area

Located on E Sunset Rd is the official spotters area. It’s the most popular location. Unfortunately, it is temporarily closed due to COVID-19.

Pros - You are able to get up close to 26L and 26R arrivals/departures.

Cons - Unfortunately, it is a little difficult to spot due to the high chained fence. The best option is to have a ladder or truck to stand on. It also tends to get a little busy but never fully crowded. It is possible though to shoot through the fence (as seen below)

Security - They are well aware that many spotters use this area, you will not be watched even if you use a ladder (Unless you hop the fence and decide you want to become an airport ground crew of course)

Spot #2 || Eggworks Parking Lot

You can find this location right before 26L. It is behind the Wells Fargo off of S Eastern Ave and E Sunset Rd.

Pros - The parking lot is mostly empty, it’s great for spotting all day due to the sun being behind you!

Cons - There are a little bit of homeless in the area.

Security - Iv’e actually been watched by an undercover cop 2 times but they have not talked to me once. I’m pretty sure you’ll be fine after they see you taking photos of aircraft (Unless they assume you are going to shoot down the aircraft with a highly upgraded class military rocket launcher that takes pictures)

Spot #3 || Cargo Apron

You can find this spot on Surrey St and E Patrick Lane. Continue straight ahead on to the Cargo Unloading Area.

Pros - you are extremely close to taxiing aircraft and departing aircraft. You might even get a wave!

Cons - You are only able to use this spot Weekends and Holidays since the employees are not too fond of visitors. I was told “This is not a playground” after using the cargo unload truck as monkey bars. (no jk lol). It’s also a high fence so use a truck or ladder, or you can walk gown the 3 foot ditch and look through the fence.

Security - Like i said above, visit during weekends and holidays only. I have been profiled before after riding my purple tesla to the location once. After that, it taught me to only use the blue F-150 lol

Spot #4 || Jack in the Box

This is a restaurant located on S Las Vegas Blrd

Pros - You get a good, close view to 1L/8L arrivals!
Cons - There are a little bit of homeless in the area. Also on a dirt road so yea… don’t drive a low-rider here. And there may be lots of traffic as it’s right next to the Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas sign.

Security - I haven’t seen security or the po po once here.

This Photo is taken of an 8L arrival :)

Spot #5 || Lazy Dog Parking Lot

Located in Town Square, this is a location a block south of spot #4.

Pros - Many stores and restaurants in the vicinity. Also a lot of space!

Cons - Only usable at evening or late afternoons. You can get some nice Gold Photos though!

Security - Basically no security in the area, although if you are approached, let them know you are a avgeek plane spotter before they arrest you for shooting down the aircraft with a highly upgraded class military rocket launcher that takes pictures as said in spot #2.

Spot #6 || My House

Located at you thought you were going to get my address, is another great spotting spot!

Pros - 5 Bedrooms and 3 Bathrooms with a Balcony that planes depart 2000 feet over!

Cons - It’s my house… you cannot visit ;( unless…

Security - A gated community so you will not be allowed in unless I clear you to do so, in which i will if you ask.


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