The Las Vegas (KLAS) Flying Guide!

Hey everyone! Im here today with a topic about my airport! This is just a little educational topic on how to fly and use Las Vegas airport as realistic as possible! Yes i do know in fact that not all pilots on here fly realistically but for those who do, i’m here to help you!

Starting off with the procedures. I am extremely thrilled and happy that SIDS, STARS, and Approaches were added in the recent 20.1 Update! This already helps everyone, but also adds so much more realism!

Why Such Specific Procedures?

If you do not know, Las Vegas is situated in a Valley meaning mountains surround the airport. I have highlighted the mountains around the airport in the picture below

Departures (as shown on SIDs) for 26 runways turn left or right immediately after takeoff due to the large mountain range ahead. This is really the only crucial / main procedure at KLAS.

Runway Usage

The picture above displays a map of KLAS.

Departure Runways

Depending on winds, runways can change. When the 26 runways are in usage, 26R is used for departures while 26L is never used.

For the 19 runways, the departure runway can vary depending what side you are!

For 1 runways departures, the departure is the same as 19, they vary on which side if the runway you are!

Lastly, the 8 departures which are rarely used unless the weather exceeds 100 degrees Fahrenheit, Runway 8L is used ONLY for departures, never 8R

Landing Runways

Winds may change which cause runway usage to change! For 26 runways, 26L is always used mainly while 26R can also be used ONLY if traffic is still on 26R.

For Runway 19s, the Landing runways also vary like departures! 19L and R can be used, its up to you!

For Runway 1s, 1L is almost always used and 1R is the alternative runway

For runway 8s, 8L is usually used while 8R may be used aswell like runway 1s.

Gates and Apron Usage

Above is an image of all Gates at McCarran International.

Red - GA Gates || You can park private, general aviation, or government aircraft here!

Yellow - Cargo || UPS and FedEx are the only Cargo operators that fly to KLAS

Purple - Allegiant
Yellow - Spirit
Blue - Southwest
Green - Frontier, American, United, Hawaiian
Gray - Alaska and JetBlue
Cyan - International (BA, Korean, ect.)

Taxi Procedures

Taxiing isnt a big deal, but if you do want that tiny bit of realism, here you are!

Red - Taxiway Bravo (B) || Commercial Airliners use this taxiway to go to 1R/L or 26R

Yellow - Taxiway Alpha (A) || All Private Jets and some Commercial Airliners use this to get to 26R. Used all the time to get to 1R/1L

Green - Taxiway Delta (D) || All airliners use this taxiway to get to runway 1L/1R while Private Jets taxi on Taxiway Hotel (H) down the middle of 1L and 1R.

Janet Airways Procedures

Janet takes a special route theough the mountains unlike airliners. Flying to the mysterious area of the 51. They dont directly fly to Area 51 but instead Tonopah Testing Site. These flights usually have there transponders off until 50nm away from Tonopah.

Thanks for viewing my topic! And thank you developers for the amazing 20.1 update!


Very well written topic! It looks like you put a lot of thought into it and I have book marked it so I can use it whenever I fly into or out of Las Vegas.

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Seems like you know the ins and outs of KLAS very well!

Funny you post this…I am on my way there now as we speak!

I will take a look at this prior to my arrival!

Great! I really hate seeing people in a 777 park at every gate but the international gates!

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I am the same way, especially with MSP!

Is this due to performance reasons? Can aircraft not make the sharp turn after takeoff when departing runway 26R if the temp is over 100 degrees?

Its actually for a very unique reason ;)

There is a solar panel field the left turn, its very well known and its huge. The sun reflects off the panels which can blind the pilots in the aircraft. Thats one reason though, the other is heat haze

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Wow, did not expect that to be the reason. Good to know, thanks!

This is an awesome tutorial!

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I see you here in KLAS, you arrived after I departed. I’m doing Janet 48 flights back and forth to an unknown place 😉 I’m arriving

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I see you! Just heading out on my final leg for the night LAS-LAX!

Awesome! I’m going to do a bunch more Janet flights tonight!

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