The Las Vegas Grand Prix Fly-In 20JAN24

The Las Vegas Grand Prix Fly-In!



Viva Las Vegas! Welcome to Vegas, the Sin City or the city that never sleeps, this event presented by Formula 1 superfan @Cole_Woodard . The Las Vegas Grand Prix was a race ran by Formula 1 down the Las Vegas strip. The race was a thriller! Not only was the race a thriller, the Las Vegas airport ops were even better! So you can fly in Formula 1 Cargo from Brazil, bring people to the race, whether cheaply, or in luxury. Come join us in the Entertainment Capital of the World for Grand Prix Saturday!


Event Details

Event Time - Sunday, January 21, 2024 1:00 AMSunday, January 21, 2024 2:00 AM


Gate Assignments

A Concourse
Gate Airline Destination Plane Pilot
A3 Spirit Austin A320
A5 Spirit Dallas A321
A7 Spirit Cleveland A320
A8 Allegiant Appleton A320
A10 Allegiant Grand Rapids A320
A11 Allegiant Idaho Falls A320 @Klas892
A12 Allegiant Missoula A320 @Butter575
A14 Allegiant Tulsa A320
A15 Allegiant Orlando Sanford A320
A17 Allegiant Provo A320
A18 Allegiant Reno A320
A19 Allegiant Fort Wayne A320
A20 Allegiant Omaha A320
A21 Allegiant Eugene A320
A22 Allegiant Bellingham A320
A23 Allegiant Asheville A320
B Concourse
Gate Airline Destination Plane Pilot
B1 Spirit San Diego A320
B2 Spirit New Orleans A321
B6 Spirit Boise A320
B9 Southwest Kailua Kona B738
B10 Southwest Midland B737
B11 Southwest Honolulu B738
B12 Southwest Lihue B738
B14 Southwest Fresno B737
B15 Southwest Kahului B738
B17 Spirit Tampa A321
B19 Spirit Newark A321
B20 Spirit Kansas City A320 @ayyjay
B21 Spirit Oakland A320
B22 Avelo Santa Rosa B738
B23 Avelo Salem B738 @Prestoni
B24 Avelo Dubuque B738
B25 Avelo Redmond B738
C Concourse
Gate Airline Destination Plane Pilot
C1 Southwest Santa Barbara B737
C2 Southwest Orlando B738
C3 Southwest Milwaukee B738
C4 Southwest San Jose CA B738 @Bay_Area_Aviation
C5 Southwest Fort Lauderdale B738
C7 Southwest Denver B738
C8 Southwest Long Beach B737
C9 Southwest Fresno B737
C11 Southwest Chicago Midway B738
C12 Southwest Colorado Springs B738 @RagonDragon
C14 Southwest Amarillo B737
C16 Southwest Boise B737
C19 Southwest Kansas City B738
C21 Southwest Buffalo B738
C22 Southwest Bozeman B737 @CedricFlys
C23 Southwest Eugene B738
C24 Southwest Palm Springs B737
C25 Southwest Salt Lake City B737
D Concourse
Gate Airline Destination Plane Pilot
D1 United Chicago B739
D3 United Denver B739
D4 United Washington Dulles B772
D5 United San Francisco B757 @Olivia12
D6 United Los Angeles B739 @Chetan_Patel
D7 Jetblue Boston A321 @Jetblue1269
D8 Hawaiian Honolulu B767 @dakotahgo
D9 Hawaiian Kahului A321
D10 Jetblue New York A321 @Javery_Mclean
D11 Jetblue Fort Lauderdale A321
D12 United Newark B757 @MarcoCasaro
D14 United Houston B757 @iplaygames
D16 New Pacific Ontario B757
D17 Westjet Calgary B738
D18 Westjet Edmonton B738
D19 Westjet Kelowna B737
D20 Flair Winnipeg B738
D21 Flair Victoria B738
D22 Flair Kitchener B738
D23 Air Canada Vancouver BCS3
D24 Rouge Canada Montreal A319
D25A Air Canada Toronto B789
D32 Canada Jetlines Toronto A320
D33 American Dallas B738 @EastTexasAviationYT
D34 American New York-JFK A321
D35 Sun Country Minneapolis B738
D36 American Charlotte A321
D27 Frontier Cinncinati A321
D38 American Chicago B738 @Imalwaysbmw
D39 American Phoenix A319
D40 Frontier Indianapolis A321
D41 Frontier San Antonio A320
D42 Sun Country Green Bay B738
D43 Delta Detroit B757
D50 Delta Atlanta B739
D51 Delta Salt Lake City A321 @Apple_Haye
D52 KLM Amsterdam B789 @PhorzaSky
D53 Delta Minneapolis B739 @Mort
D54 Delta Los Angeles A319
D55 Breeze San Bernadino BSC3
D56 Breeze Richmond BCS3
D57 Breeze Akron/Canton BCS3 @Crunchymonkey12345
D58 Breeze Jacksonville BCS3
D59 Breeze Norfolk BCS3
E concourse
Gate Airline Destination Plane Pilot
E1 Korean Seoul Incheon B77W @NYFLFlyer22
E2 Edelwiess Zürich A333
E3 Virgin Atlantic London Heathrow B789 @Arnav_G
E5A Discover Frankfurt A333
E6 Condor Frankfurt A339 @Helzluis
E7 Aeromexico Mexico City B738
E8 VivaAerobus Monterrey A320
E9 Alaska Seattle B739 @T.Malone
E10 Volaris Guadalajara A319
E11 Alaska Portland B738
E12 Avianca San Salvador A320
E13 Alaska Boise E175
E14 Copa Panama City B738
E15 Alaska Puerto Vallarta B738
Signature FBO

Biggest Aircraft 1-11 B737-800
Biggest Aircraft 12-18 CL35

Gate Airline Destination Plane Pilot
1 Private Austin E175
2 Global X Phoenix-Mesa A320
3 Victory Air Fort Collins CRJ9
4 World Atlantic Cincinnati CRJ9
5 Private Bakersfield CRJ2
6 Skywest Charter Oakland CRJ2
7 Kaiser Air White Plains B738
8 Private Van Nuys E175
9 Private Salt Lake City CRJ2
10 Allegiant Colorado Springs A320
11 Private Scottsdale CRJ2
12 Netjets Burbank CL35
13 Netjets Houston-Hobby CL35
14 Private Sioux Falls CL35
15 Private Sacramento TBM9
16 Private Carlsbad CA CL35
17 Private Bentonville CL35
18 Private Teterboro CL35 @Ben_Walsh
Las Vegas Sands Corp

Biggest Aircraft 1,3 B767
Biggest Aircraft 2 B747
Biggest Aircraft 4-7 A320

Gate Airline Destination Plane Pilot
1 Las Vegas Sands Corp Any B767
2 Las Vegas Sands Corp Any B747
3 Las Vegas Sands Corp Any A340
4 Las Vegas Sands Corp Any B737
5 Las Vegas Sands Corp Any B737
6 Las Vegas Sands Corp Any CL35
7 Las Vegas Sands Corp Any CL35
Janet Airines Apron
Gate Airline Destination Plane Pilot
1 Janet Area 51 B737
2 Janet Area 51 B737
3 Janet Area 51 B737
4 Janet Tonopah Test Range B737
5 Janet Tonopah Test Range B737
6 Janet Palmdale TBM9
JSX Ramp
Gate Airline Destination Plane Pilot
1 JSX Orange County CRJ9
2 JSX Concord CA CRJ7
3 JSX Denver-Rocky Mountain CRJ9
4 JSX Phoenix CRJ9
5 JSX Oakland CRJ9
6 JSX Burbank CRJ7
Cargo Apron
Gate Airline Destination Plane Pilot
1 FedEx Oakland MD-11
2 FedEx Memphis B77F
3 Cargolux Miami B748
4 Cargolux Miami B748
5 United Houston B772
6 Qatar Cargo Campinas B77F @Cole_Woodard
7 UPS Louisville MD-11
8 UPS Chicago Rockford A33F
9 Atlas Air Lima B748
10 Atlas Air Lima B748


I am not responsible for violations
Follow all ATC Instructions
Respect all other planes and player
Be professional, it is 2023 if your curious
Have fun!


ATIS Ground Tower Departure Center
@United403 @United403 @United403 - -

stealing this before @Mort can


Probably not a surprise that I want the A330🤭🤭🤭


All changes have been made


Can I get this

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Yes you may! Great choice

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772 to london Gatwick please

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Unfortunetly cant since its too early in the mroning. But Have Fun!

It’s ok lol.

I’ll just take Delta’s 739 up to MSP.


Changes are made

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@Cole_Woodard @Ben_Walsh Signed up for the gatwick flight

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But i will take this

I’ll take these

What he didn’t even request it

That’s fine it’s a unrealistic route as they don’t fly that route in the winter lol

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@Ben_Walsh what flight do you want, some changes were made?

Give me DTW but I’m the A321 please

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I flipping hate timezones

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