The Larnaca Fly-Out!

Welcome to Larnaca

Larnaca located on the south east coast of Cyprus, it is the third largest city in the country after Nicosia and Limassol with a population of 144,200. Home to also seaports and marina’s!

Event Info

Server: Expert

Date: 1 December 2023

Time: 2023-12-01T18:15:00Z2023-12-01T21:10:00Z

Airport: Larnaca Airport LCA / LCLK

Airport Charts


Gate Assignments

Gate Airline Aircraft Destination Pilot
11 Wizzair A321 Wroclaw
12 Wizzair A320 Varna
13 SAS A320 Copenhagen
14 Aegean A320 Athens
15 Wizzair A321 Luton
16 Wizzair A321 Riyadh
17 MEA A321 Beirut
18 Qatar A321 Doha
21 Aegean A320 Thessaloniki
22 BA A320 Heathrow
23 Jet2 738 Bristol @YT_Sniegutizzz
24 Easyjet A320 Basel
25 Easyjet A320 London Gatwick @MANDELA
26 Ryanair 738 Vienna
27A Jet2 738 Leeds Bradford @RAFJET
28 Jet2 738 Manchester @DJW
31 Jet2 738 Newcastle
32 Air Baltic A220 Riga @Mort
33 Fly Dubai 738 Dubai @Rm111971
48A Tui 738 Frankfurt
47 Tui 738 Dusseldorf
46 Jet2 738 Birmingham @anon87523340
45 Easyjet A320 Milan (MXP)
44A Emirates 777 Dubai @Ben_Walsh
42 Jet2 738 Stansted
41 Jet2 738 Nottingham @If.EnglandYT
GA Apron
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination Pilot
01 Netjets CL35 Luton
02 Vistajet CL35 Split
03 Netjets CL35 Farnborough
04 Infinite Flight CL35 Salzburg
05 Execujet CL35 Biggin Hill
06 Netjets CL35 Biggin Hill
07 Infinite Flight CL35 Bristol
08 Execujet CL35 Pafos
09 HB-CRW CL35 Zurich
10 HB-CRW CL35 Geneva
11 Flexjet CL35 Luton
12 Jet Mach CL35 Pafos
13 Netjets CL35 Norwich
14 Sundt Air CL35 Zurich
15 Jet Mach CL35 Tel Aviv
16 NetJets CL35 Valetta

ATC Assignments

Facility Frequency User
ATIS 126.55
Ground 119.40
Tower 121.20
Approach 130.20
Center 127.00


  • I am not responsible for any violations you may receive.

  • Listen to ATC

  • Spawn In 15 minutes BEFORE the event starts!

  • If ATC is not presents then use Radio/Traffic correctly

  • Most importantly… HAVE FUN!!!

I have the day off of school, incidentally. Can I grab this one?

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Excellent choice

I’ll sign you up!

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I’ll take this please

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Good choice!

Your signed up!

I‘ll take this

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I’ll take 27A Jet2 B738 Leeds Bradford 😎

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I’ll sign you up

Disregard that, i’ll take this instead

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Okay! (10 Characters)

Signed up!

29 a330 please

Welcome to the community!

I don’t have Gate 29 and the A330!

Please choose something else…

Emirates 777 to Dubai

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moin this please

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Everyone is Signed up!

Happy cake day @Ben_Walsh

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Gate28 737 800

Can you be a bit more specific please

What Airline do you want you take out of the gate assignments??

And anyway @DJW has taken Gate 28 to Manchester!


(Gate 17 Southwest to jfk)

This route does not exist!