The Largest Hurricane Ever...

It appears that Hurricane Dorian has strengthened to a category 5.

This creates the stunning possibility that all airports along the east coast, including KMIA, KJAX, KCHS, KCLT, KIAD, and more, could be possibly obliterated by the superstorm.

This is BIG. This is DANGEROUS. This is RECORD-BREAKING. This is BAD.

(Source: AccuWeather)

How will this end? Let’s talk about it.


Have they evacuated all the planes?

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I have no idea what the FAA’s protocol for this calls for.


Yeah, we don’t really know this. The projected path has shifted almost every day, so I think it’s not really feasible to state that

Sure, the cone of uncertainty right now is a little on land, but I don’t think any airports will be “obliberated”.

One thing that will be severely damaged is the Bahamas, Dorian is tearing straight through them at speeds of 7-10 mph, very slow for a hurricane, meaning it spends more time over the low-lying island country.


Well this doesn’t look very good…


Even worse than Irma oof


Oh wow, there goes MYNN.


I don’t think so.

Irma was one of the deadliest hurricanes recorded in history!


its not a very good way to end the summer holidays, I hope everyone is protected


KIAD? You think it’ll affect places that far north?

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I lived in Jacksonville for 15 years, this storm will not obliterate the airports especially on this track. If you remember Hurricane Matthew in 2016 that storm had a very similar path as this and every airport was fine. Stop blowing this way out of proportion please.


Guys look at this! I was looking at the future forecast and look where Dorian goes! All the way to JFK! And it looks very strong… I know, This might not happen, as it’s only a prediction. But still!

First off, let me say that this is nothing abnormal to say the least. I am originally from Florida and have lived there most of my live, and me and my property have made it through every hurricane that has hit South Florida. Homes in Florida are built from Stucco, which is essentially concrete, making Floridian homes much more sturdy that homes north of the state. We have building codes that dictates how strong are buildings must be built and what strong materials they must be made of. This is nothing out of the ordinary and it certainly is not the most destructive/largest hurricane every, as most hurricanes weaken after they pass over the Bahamas. Hurricane Camile was the largest Hurricane to ever hit Florida, with winds as high as 190 MPH. As long as you use your head and secure your belongings, you’ll be perfectly safe. I have never evacuated from my home, (which was 3 miles from the ocean) and I am still here.


Well said mate.

I’ve never been to the states (presumably Florida), and I can sense that the citizens have some experience with these types of scenarios.

So I Guess this Isn’t anything new for them.



Yes that is correct. Once you experience a couple, everything comes naturally to you in the situation. This is nothing we haven’t experienced before and most certainly not “The Largest Hurricane Ever”. I can promise you it will not hit the mainland as a CAT 5.


Looks like it’s about to SLAM a few islands. I hope everyone’s safe.

By the way I love the Mo Bamba video

Oh wow. It’s worse than I think.

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I really do wish the citizens and people in the Bahamas luck. Let’s hope no one gets hurt…

#Stay strong Bahamians!

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Let’s leave the presumption of how destructive or not destructive Dorian will be to the mainland US to the experts: meteorologists. We can also let the community of former hurricane-affected members voice their opinion, but if you don’t really know what you’re talking about, please leave your opinions out of this.