The Large La Guardia Flyout 8JUL24

Ah no problem, I was watching you the whole time and was prepared to do a quick holding pattern but it worked out! Follow me if you want!

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That was fire 🔥

Thank you! Have you got anymore flyouts coming soon?


@YAWspeed If you would like to join the FPL is ready. We’ll depart in 30 minutes

I can’t make it this time, but thanks for the ping. Safe skies to Hawaii!

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Sadly couldn’t attend this event at my home airport, but awesome to see @Prestoni hosting this and @Anthony_Gulluscio providing all these AMAZING IRL charts!


Erm you might wanna change that word to crap

Or else it will get flagged

Bumping this topic bc I’m still working on my spotting video… preparing to go to Florida for a month so I don’t have much time to work on it lol