The Land of Croissant to the Lion City

G’day IFC, A few days ago is did a flight from Paris to Singapore in the Boeing 77W. Air France we used to reach Singapore and had some nice views. Enjoy :D

Aircraft: Boeing 77W Air France
Flight Time: 11h 39mins

Sitting at the Gate

Spoilers Check

Ro Ta Tae out of France 🥐

Crusin’ for Singapore

Over India near some mountains

Soon about to Enter Singapore

Descent with some cool water and on Left Downwind

Looks Like someone from the beach spotted me

Buttery Landing I tell you. 🚫🧢

At The Gate with an Aeroflot 77W and A333 Thai

What’s your fav?
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Hopefully You Enjoyed, Cya Later!


Welcome to Singapore
Enjoy your stay.

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Thank you😁

We could have met I spawned in at WSSS at 8:15am SGT

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